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Inside the process of creating navigational maps

PC Pro UK has a fascinating article about the navigational maps we use on our devices and how they are made. This behind-the-scenes look examines how the four biggest digital map providers maintain their vast repository of information. Nokia-owned Navteq has a database that includes 24 millio...

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TomTom, Apple sign global agreement for map data in iOS 6

During its WWDC keynote, Apple unveiled a new mapping solution for iOS 6 that'll replace the Google-backed Maps app. This new Maps app includes stunning 3D flyover maps and, for the iPhone 4S and iPads from the iPad 2 onward, turn-by-turn navigation -- a key feature of Google's mapping solution...

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New Apple nav app uses TomTom as primary provider

Our sister site, Engadget, is reporting that the new navigation app from Apple will use TomTom maps as a primary, but not the only source of street map data. We were sitting around wondering how people like Garmin, Navigon and others would feel about Apple providing turn-by-turn for free on iOS...

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Forthcoming TomTom iPhone app to feature enhanced social integration

Just when you thought navigation apps pretty much had all the features you thought you needed, TomTom has thrown some fresh ideas into the mix. The company is at CES demonstrating an updated navigation app that uses social networks as a source for turn-by-turn directions. "According to recent...

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Why can't navigation apps be fun?

With all the holidays, many of us TUAWians spent more time on the road over the past few weeks than we normally do. And when it comes to tech-savvy bloggers, more time on the road means more time with navigation apps. And more time with navigation apps made us ever more aware of our lingering fru...

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TUAW Best of 2011: Vote for the best iPhone navigation app

The nominations are in, and the poll is ready to go! The TUAW Best of 2011 awards are all about you -- the readers -- and what you think is the cream of the crop of Apple or third-party products and software. To vote, select one entry from the top nominations made by readers. We'll be announcing t...

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Nominate your favorite iPhone navigation app for TUAW's Best of 2011

During December and January, The Unofficial Apple Weblog is soliciting your nominations and votes for the best products for Mac, iPhone/iPod touch, and iPad. We'll start with nominations in a category, and then tally your votes for the top-nominated products a few days later. The winner in each c...

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Tom Tom kicks off July 4th weekend sales

We just had some big Father's Day sales on the App Store, but Independence Day is coming up this weekend in the U.S., and that means it's time to get started with sales yet again. First off, Tom Tom has put its navigation apps on sale for half price over the next 48 hours. You can get the full ...

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iPhone navigation packages, in S-M-L editions

Thinking about getting Dad some directional guidance for Father's Day? Our package selections cover small, medium and large budgets to get where you're going. Of all the industries disrupted by the emergence of these odd touchscreen computers disguised as mobile phones, the standalone GPS market...

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TomTom GPS app offers good maps, terrible interface

A while back, I posted about some of my ongoing issues with iPhone navigation powerhouse Navigon, which has been my primary nav app. After that post went live, Navigon immediately contacted me to see how they could improve their product, asking for specific details of the intersections where navi...

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Homer Simpson comes to the Tom Tom app

The voice of cartoon character Homer Simpson, as performed by actor Dan Castellaneta, is now available as an in-app purchase in Tom Tom's US-based GPS apps for the iPhone. For US$5.99, you too can have Homer say "[Annoyed Grunt]" when you make a wrong turn, or "Woo hoo!" when you reach your des...

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Navigation app sales and Verizon friendliness

There's a flurry of GPS related news today, so let's get right on with it. First, one of our favorite nav apps, Navigon, is having a pretty big sale to celebrate its milestone of 2 million sales worldwide. If you've been lusting after a Navigon app, there's a 4-day, 50% off sale beginning today. Reg...

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Tom Tom: Smartphones and nav devices are complementary

As one of our last appointments on the floor of CES, we went out to a meeting room way back in the back of the South Hall to talk to Tom Murray, Senior Vice President of Market Development for Tom Tom -- one of the leading companies selling navigation devices and software. We've covered Tom Tom and...

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TomTom for iPhone now lets your photo gallery be your address book

This is a feature in that "gee, I wish I'd of thought of that" category. The latest update to the TomTom app (version 1.5) lets you select any photo that has been geo-tagged and navigate to that location. It's great for finding that favorite picnic spot, or that great photo location. I tried the fea...

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TomTom offers free car kit adapter for iPhone 4

Attention, folks who purchased the TomTom car kit for their iPhone 3G or 3GS, only to upgrade to a won't-fit-quite-right iPhone 4: you're in luck. TomTom is now providing a free adapter for the aforementioned car kit that allows an iPhone 4 to fit properly. Apparently the adapter is simply a piec...

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