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iPodfather Tony Fadell laments the discontinuation of the iPod Classic

Apple two weeks ago unceremoniously killed the iPod Classic, the last vestige of Apple's iPod glory days. While the iPod shuffle, nano, and touch all remain, the form factor that became synonymous with the digital music revolution is decidedly nothing more than a memory now. In the wake of the ...

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Tony Fadell: I would have loved to show Steve Jobs the Nest Thermostat

Earlier this week, Adam Lashinsky of Fortune published a lengthy and interesting piece profiling former Apple executive, famed Nest CEO, and current Google employee Tony Fadell. While much is already known about Fadell's ascension to prominence -- from his days at General Magic to Phillips and the...

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Tony Fadell on the birth of the iPod and Steve Jobs saying no

On October 23, 2001 Steve Jobs introduced the world to the iPod, a little block of stainless steel and plastic that would revolutionize the company's future. The iPod set the stage for every iOS device we currently couldn't live without and lit the fuse that changed Apple Computers to simply App...

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What Tony Fadell learned from Steve Jobs

At the DLD conference this week, former Apple man and current Googler Tony Fadell sat down with Laurie Segall of CNN to talk about, you guessed it, Google's US$3.2 billion acquisition of Nest Labs. During the course of an engaging 20-minute interview, which is well worth watching in its entiret...

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Why Apple didn't buy Nest

With Google announcing yesterday that it acquired the Tony Fadell-led Nest Labs for a cool US$3.2 billion, an emerging narrative is that Google caught Apple asleep at the wheel. For many who keep a close eye on tech, an Apple/Nest Labs acquisition seemed like a match made in heaven. I myself was q...

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Tony Fadell details his journey from Apple to Nest

Tony Fadell may not have the same level of name recognition as, say, Jony Ive, but Fadell was unquestionably an important cog in Apple's climb to greatness in the early 2000s. Sometimes referred to as the "father of the iPod", Fadell helped churn out 18 different generations of iPod models before ...

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Tony Fadell discusses inspiring designers

Tony Fadell, the CEO of Nest and former designer on Apple's iPod team, has revealed his list of secrets that inspire designers to make amazing products. Speaking at the Bloomberg Design conference this week, Fadell said it was important for companies to try to create a culture where everyone is...

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Online Apple store now selling Nest thermostat

Apple's online storefront went down for maintenance last night, and when it came back up the Nest thermostat from iPod "godfather" Tony Fadell had been added to the store's inventory. The thermostat retails for $250 and lets you control your house's heating and cooling systems from your iPhone,...

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Tony Fadell: First iPhone almost had a clickwheel

Tony Fadell recently appeared on The Verge's On The Verge talk show/web series, and he shared a tidbit about early versions of the iPhone, which he worked on as Senior VP of the iPod division at Apple back in 2006. The Verge says that Apple "seriously considered" a hardware keyboard for the ori...

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iPod designer Tony Fadell takes on thermostats with Nest Labs

Tony Fadell, Apple's former Senior Vice President of the iPod Division, oversaw iPod and iPhone development between 2001 and 2009. Ten years after his most iconic project first saw the light of day, the "father of the iPod" has a new product: Nest, a home thermostat that's smarter than the average...

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"Godfather" of iPod leaves Apple for greener pastures

Tony Fadell first envisioned a hard drive-based digital music player in the 1990s. He took his idea to Real Networks only to leave six weeks later after reports of in-fighting between himself and Real's CEO. After several years, Fadell took his idea to Steve Jobs and in 2001, Apple and Tony's idea m...

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The birth of the iPod

Wired has an interesting look at the early days of the iPod, and what's most fascinating is just how fully formed the idea of the iPod and iTunes was. The idea itself originates from a company called PortalPlayer, where hardware designer Tony Fadell had the idea to create a player that could eventua...

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