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Mac 101: Where'd my send button go?

More Mac 101, TUAW's series for beginners. My mom called me up last week with this question about Mail: "Where did my send button go?" Turns out she had mistakenly clicked the white chiclet (pictured) in the upper-right hand corner of her message's compose window, hiding her toolbar. When she clic...

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Refresh Finder is ready to refresh Leopard's Finder, too

Reader Fredrik L sends word (thanks!) that Samuel Svensson is back from India, and that means his little mini-application, Refresh Finder, has been updated and is Leopard-ready. There's not much more to say about this one-- you can probably guess what Refresh Finder does from its name, and while i...

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Cabel's Coda toolbar and the Three Pixel Conundrum

Panic's Cabel Sasser has updated his blog (finally! His Miis were cute and all, but I was tired of seeing them every day) with a really interesting post about how he designed the toolbar for the everything-web-development tool that apparently is the bee's knees, Coda. Instead of using the standard r...

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Tip: Easily cycle through toolbar icon sizes and formats

Steven Frank has been blogging a number of Coda-related tips since Panic released this ground-breaking app last week. Fortunately for the non-code ninjas in the crowd, Steven's tips haven't been all PHP and CSS-obsessed, however, as he just released this handy gem that I've never seen before. Appa...

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Mac 101: Applications in the Finder toolbar

Last year (pre Mac 101) we told you about the ability to customize your Finder toolbar with folders for quick access, but you can also put applications there to use with drag and drop operations. For instance, in my Finder tool bar I have AppZapper, ImageWell, and Path Finder. This way I can easily...

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Google Toolbar 3 official rele- no wait, it's a beta

Google has released version 3 of their Firefox Toolbar, a handy collection of Googlefied tools that tie into their ever-expanding lineup of services. This update ushers in some significant new features, including: A Bookmarks menu (finally!) for their del.icio.us-like Google Bookmarks service (n...

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Create custom folders with FolderBrander

Here's a good idea. We all know that the Finder will let us put references to folders in both the Dock and Finder window sidebars. However, a row of generic folders in the Dock looks just like that...a row of generic folders. How do you know which is which?  If you don't feel like hunting arou...

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TUAW Tip: Customize the Finder's toolbar, too

Dave Caolo showed you how to take control of the Finder's sidebar a couple weeks back. Today, I wanted to shed the same light on the Finder's toolbar, as you can customize it and add some tools not found in a default Mac OS X installation. The first thing I like to do is add 'other' kinds of folder...

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