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Mac 101: taming Safari toolbars with shortcut keys

As you've probably noticed, there are suddenly a lot of Safari Extensions floating around, thanks to the new features in Safari 5. PimpMySafari is ramping back up, and the Safari Extensions Tumblog is doing a great job of keeping track of all of them. I'm going to wait until the dust settles, the cr...

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Mac 101: Customize your application toolbars

Many switchers to Mac OS X have the same question: "how can I customize my application toolbars?" While this is fairly straightforward in Windows, Mac OS X makes it much easier. Just open the customization menu by right-clicking (if you have a one-button mouse you can control + click) on the toolb...

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Mac 101: the lozenge button

One of my pet peeves involves installing software (of which we do a lot here at TUAW). You download and mount the DMG disk image and you're presented with a Finder window that looks like this. Now you're supposed to drag the icon (Camino in this case) to the Applications folder. But how do I get t...

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