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Wired's top 10 reader-approved iPhone games

Our friends at Wired recently asked their readers what their favorite iPhone games were, and their list is a pretty darn good overview of some of the best choices for gamers on the App Store. Some of the picks are already well known -- we posted about Trism way, way back, and of course Galcon has ...

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Ng:moco's Young aims to create an early EA for the iPhone

Touch Arcade has an interview up with Neil Young. Just like you, I was only slightly disappointed to learn that it was the Neil Young formerly of EA who recently formed ng:moco, quickly becoming one of the most high-profile iPhone game houses, not that other one. But only slightly, because also like...

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NGmoco announces new games, will publish Rolando

Ngmoco, the strangely-named iPhone gaming startup that's one of the recipients of the iFund, has announced their first three planned games for the iPhone. First of all, they're planning to act as publishers for the Rolando game we've been so excited about, a puzzle platformer with touch and physics ...

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