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Popcorn Time lets you easily stream torrents and raises troubling questions about the future of intellectual property

Imagine your perfect Netflix. Instead of the mixed bag of occasional new releases and B-list back catalog, your streaming options rival anything you could find on iTunes. Instead of paying full price to own or a premium rate to rent, it's all just sitting there, waiting to be streamed with a cli...

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Found Footage: MacOSXTutorials explores Mac Dropbox tips

As a Dropbox fan, I am always looking for new uses for the ubiquitous cloud storage service. Matt Fisher, whose videos have been featured on TUAW before, has produced a new video chock-full of great Mac OS X Dropbox tips. In this 10-minute clip, Matt shows: How to copy the Mac clipboard t...

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Transmission 0.8 released with selective file downloads, UI changes and much more

You TUAW readers have spoken loud and clear: Transmission is your favorite BitTorrent client. If you're nodding your head right now, you'll be happy to know that v0.8 of the cross-platform app has gone official, ushering in a boatload of new features and fixes for all OSes it works on, as well as...

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Running a bittorrent client from the iPhone

A few days ago, TorrentFreak speculated about how someone might create a bittorrent client for the iPhone. While it seems technically possible (except for that nagging "no SDK" problem, which makes it hard to get code running on there), you might question why it needs to be done - since there are ...

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