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Boiling an iPhone 6 in Coca-Cola, for science

In case you didn't know: Destroying expensive things has become its own little subgenre on YouTube in recent years, and the iPhone is one of the gadgets that content creators absolutely love to torture in all kinds of, um, "interesting" ways. It's been a while now since the iPhone 6 debuted, and i...

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iPhone 5 survives ride on car tire, refuses to die

For all the love the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been getting -- my 6 Plus is the best smartphone I've ever owned, so I'm right there with you -- the iPhone 5 and 5s are some seriously durable devices. Sure, the touchscreen display is prone to breaking just like any other thin piece of glass, but tha...

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This poor little iPad mini has had a tougher life than you

Did you get thrown in the dirt today? How about slammed into concrete multiple times or had someone attempt to drown you? The iPad mini in the video below has endured all of that -- oh, and it also took a few bullets for good measure. The video comes from YouTuber RatedRR, who normally focuses on ...

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Nope, the iPhone 5s isn't fireproof

The iPhone 5s isn't fireproof, but you probably assumed that already. Just to be sure, TechRax decided to dump some gasoline on a new champagne-colored 5s and stoke the flames with a little bit of Axe body spray. It ends with the iPhone taking a nice dip in a bucket of water. Unfortunately, the...

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SquareTrade torture tests the iPad 2 by dropping it on cement

Personally, I wouldn't deliberately drop my iPad 2 on cement, but the folks at SquareTrade were crazy enough to let not one, but two iPads fall to a sidewalk. The first drop was waist-high and included both a bare iPad 2 and one encased in a Smart Cover. As expected, the naked iPad suffered a c...

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