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Tag: touch arcade

Temple Run 2 appearing today on the App Store

Uber-popular game Temple Run's surprise sequel has hit is about to hit the US App Store. Released earlier today in the New Zealand App Store, Temple Run 2 builds on the success of the first Temple Run, while ratcheting up the graphics, physics and gameplay. TouchArcade got its hands on an ear...

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Words With Friends HD for iPad gets a free version

While the paid version of Words With Friends HD has been enjoyed by iPad owners who are willing to spend US$2.99 for quite some time, those of you looking for the free version are now in luck. Touch Arcade says that, just like its iPhone cousin, this version (released by Newtoy) is supported by in-g...

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DOS emulator for iOS released, runs Windows 3.0

This seems like the kind of thing that Apple wouldn't want on the App Store (and indeed, it may soon disappear when they figure it out), but then again, after the relaxing of the rules, maybe they're OK with this one. Touch Arcade has discovered iDOS on the App Store -- it's a DOSbox-based disk oper...

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Games updated for Game Center (soon)

As you might have noticed if you've added a few friends in Apple's new Game Center service, the backbone social components are working great. But where, exactly, are all of the games? Developers have actually had access to Apple's service for quite a while now -- it was introduced to them under NDA...

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360iDev: Game Jam creations

Tuesday night at the 360iDev conference in San Jose, around 60 developers gathered in a room on the eBay campus around 8pm as security locked them in for the night (one developer joined the group via Skype -- that's him on the big screen above). Their goal? A game jam. Before 8am the next day, they...

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GDC 2010: The secret to App Store success

For the last panel of GDC 2010 day two, David Whatley of Critical Thought took the stage to talk about the App Store success he found with his games geoDefense and geoDefense Swarm, and almost dared other iPhone developers to follow his "guaranteed plan" to go from "zero to Time Magazine." He's got...

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Zen Bound 2 coming soon with beefed-up graphics, smoother interface

The fine gents at Touch Arcade have the first confirmation and screenshot of the sequel to one of our favorite games of 2009, Zen Bound 2. As you can see above, the new version (on the right) is a little more subdued with a cleaner UI, although Secret Exit stresses that this is still a work in prog...

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