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Apple reportedly adds touchscreen suppliers for iPad 2

To add to our growing stockpile of iPad 2 rumors, DigiTimes is reporting that Apple has added two new touchscreen suppliers, Chimei Innolux and Cando, with those shipments to begin in January or February. The article says that expected orders of the iPad 2 will be more than 6 million per month. This...

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Turn your iPhone or iPod touch into a gamepad with stick-on buttons

Software developers have been able to do some amazing things with games on portable devices like the iPhone and iPod touch, but just as some people prefer to type on a physical keyboard, gamers occasionally miss using a gamepad. A Japanese company has come up with a stick on plastic nubs that you c...

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HP responds to Jobs about touchscreen PCs

Steve Jobs has never been averse to exaggeration or verbal misdirection when discussing features publicly. However, Hewlett-Packard's Ken Bosley has taken issue with Jobs' recent comments on touchscreen PCs. During the recent Back to the Mac press event, Steve had this to say: "...Touch surfaces ...

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Troll Touch announces 27-inch touchscreen Cinema Displays

Even if Apple CEO Steve Jobs isn't interested (for now at least) in giving his followers a touchscreen desktop computing experience, Troll Touch is. The company has added touchscreen monitors to its existing lineup with a pair of options based on the latest 27-inch LED-backlit Cinema Display. Tro...

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Touchscreen iMac? Not so fast

Earlier this week, DigiTimes reported that Sintek Photonics was producing touch panels to be used in a touch-based iMac, and that demo units had been shipped to Cupertino for testing. Today, Sintek is denying the claim. Once again DigiTimes has the story. Barry Wu, VP and spokesperson of Sintek, ...

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Tiny Apple touchscreen shows up in Taiwan

Those pesky Apple parts, they're always parading themselves in front of cameras. This time, a tiny (1.18" square, 3cm x 3cm) touchscreen has shown up in Taiwan. Apple.pro has posted two pictures of the mini mystery (English translation here). In the second shot, you'll see Apple's copyright stamp on...

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iPhone-style scrolling on Windows Mobile

You had to know this was coming. iContact is a freeware application for Windows Mobile devices that generates a simple contact list which you can "scroll" through with the flick of a finger (or stylus). At version 0.2 it's pretty basic, and only displays you contacts' names in a list. Tap and rel...

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Why you won't be buying an iPhone-like iPod anytime soon

Since the iPhone's introduction in January, the requests and baiting rumors for a touch-screen iPod that looks and acts like an iPhone - sans the actual phone - have sounded from every corner of the web. The world is inarguably intrigued by this new UI Apple developed for their highly anticipated ga...

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Apple's Magical Mystery Touch Screen

Arik Hesseldahl of BusinessWeek writes about the iPhone's new sophisticated multi-point touch screen. After reading through the 29-page Apple patent, he thinks out loud what the touch screen will bring to users. He doesn't think that the iPhone is the only application that will benefit from that scr...

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Touchscreen Intel iMacs available

This is good news. We have several touchscreen-enabled Macs at my day job, all from Troll Touch. Earlier this week they announced that the 20" Intel iMac will be added to their lineup. Their system uses the Mac's existing screen, so there's nothing you need to attach to the front (that kids con...

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