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Zen Bound 2 for iPad out by April 3rd, looks great

We've heard from Secret Exit (creators of Zen Bound) a few times about the new version of their game coming soon, but Touch Arcade has some brand new pics and insight about the game itself. Kotaku also has a few preview pics, and the game looks terrific -- not only is it due out in the App Store so...

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Phoenix Wright, Hexen II coming to the iPhone

Good news for fans of good games: the terrific DS courtroom simulator (which, trust me, sounds much less fun than it actually is) Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney is coming to the iPhone, and Slide to Play has posted some hands-on video. The game takes the two DS screens and stacks them on top of eac...

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A tale of two iPhone sequels: Zenonia 2 and Raging Thunder 2

It looks like 2010 will be the year of the iPhone game sequels -- we first saw Zen Bound 2 the other day and now Touch Arcade has news of two more sequels to popular iPhone games. Zenonia 2 brings back one of the App Store's first RPGs, Zenonia [iTunes link], with a whole new adventure and four d...

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Touch Arcade picks their favorite iPhone games of 2009

Our friends over at Touch Arcade have put together their list of the best iPhone games of 2009, and if you happened to unwrap an iPod touch or an iPhone yesterday, that's as good a place as any to start hunting for your favorite games. Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor [$2.99, iTunes link] topped their...

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Dragon's Lair ships for iPhone and iPod touch

Guys, if there was any doubt that the iPhone is a serious application platform, just go ahead and put it to rest right now -- Dragon's Lair has officially been ported over. The Don Bluth-animated laserdisc game was immensely popular upon release in 1983, and since then has been ported to almost ev...

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iPhone app claims 95% piracy rate

With all of the success stories coming out of the App Store, it's been pretty easy to forget the problem of piracy for most developers. Not so for Fishlabs, who've posted over on the Touch Arcade forums that their latest game, Rally Master Pro 3D, is experiencing a 95% piracy rate. You read that ri...

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Payback brings a GTA clone to the iPhone

Grand Theft Auto isn't out for the iPhone, but Payback is --it's basically a 3D version of the old top-down GTA gameplay, improved with better rendering and lighting. You control the game by pressing "buttons" on the screen, and tilting the iPhone around, and Touch Arcade says it works well. Some mi...

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Ng:moco's Young aims to create an early EA for the iPhone

Touch Arcade has an interview up with Neil Young. Just like you, I was only slightly disappointed to learn that it was the Neil Young formerly of EA who recently formed ng:moco, quickly becoming one of the most high-profile iPhone game houses, not that other one. But only slightly, because also like...

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Line Rider coming to iPhone

I thought Line Rider kind of "jumped" the shark (so to speak) when they sold out to McDonald's, but apparently the little sandbox physics game is still kicking around. InXile, the company that makes it, is working on a version for the iPhone. There was a version available for jailbreakers, but appar...

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Belkin JoyPod plans sneak out (now confirmed false)

Update: Belkin reps have contacted us to say that the JoyPod, while a fascinating idea, is not a product they have in development. Oh well! I guessed that we'd see a more official iPhone controller sooner or later, but I didn't think it'd be this much sooner -- Touch Arcade has unearthed this phot...

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Control pads for gaming on the iPhone

Ever since games first started running on the iPhone, the issue of controls has always been at hand (so to speak). While the multi-touch screen allows for some very flexible control schemes, it doesn't provide any tactile feedback, and so more delicate controls like a directional pad or buttons ar...

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Touch Arcade interviews maker of iPhone Chopper

Touch Arcade has a nice interview up with David Frampton, author of both the Mac game Chopper and its upcoming port to the iPhone. Apparently the game is feature complete and now in testing, so hopefully it'll be one of the first apps up on the App Store when it arrives, supposedly sometime this mon...

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