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Video: DJing on an iPad

In the video below, you'll find a pretty rocking DJ set thanks to an iPad and some other pretty gnarly hardware. This isn't exactly a DIY solution, since DJ Kutski is using Traktor Pro (that's the software on the screen above) and an X1 controller, both of which are pretty significant pieces of DJ ...

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Found Footage: An iPad-controlled robot that attacks

Thanks to the iPad and TouchOSC, robot Hikari can now be controlled by our favorite tablet device. The system for control on the iPad is powered by TouchOSC, a remote control application that sends commands to an external device using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. These commands are se...

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Found Footage: MIDI wind instrument controlled with the iPod touch's accelerometer

Onyx Ashanti is an American musician living in Berlin. He specializes in "beatjazz," which he describes as being built on "live looping, sound design, and jazz improvisation." Using a Yamaha MIDI wind controller (that looks like an electronic clarinet) and an iPod touch running the TouchOSC ap...

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Found Footage: live rig with TouchOSC

I recently offered a little introduction to integrating TouchOSC with Logic. In response, TUAW reader Tom Phillipson sent us a link to a video of his own integration of TouchOSC into his live setup. He modded a Novation ReMOTE 25SL Compact, extending its functionality via TouchOSC on his iPod tou...

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TouchOSC and Logic: look mom, no cables!

The App Store is somewhat deluged with music-related applications. While I find many of the instruments to be novelties, the iPhone-based remote controls available for various Digital Audio Workstations have really caught my attention. I've been playing around with the various musical remote control...

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