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MacTech, Microsoft team up to offer Office for Mac support credential

Got Macs? Got Office? For support personnel who want to show the world that they know which end of a pivot table goes into a stylesheet and how to upgrade PowerPoint for full compatibility with Exchange Server 2013*, your opportunity has arrived. MacTech's upcoming seven-city BootCamp II tour...

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Take a video tour of Apple's Covent Garden store

A UK site called Electricpig has posted a full video walkthrough of her majesty's latest Apple Store, which opened just recently in London's Covent Garden. The place is gigantic -- while all we get of the main sale area is a high-speed walkthrough, you can tell it's huge, with multiple rooms and ...

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Macworld 2010: TUAW adventures, day 2

Day 2 of Macworld 2010 brought lots more work and lots more fun -- we spent the day covering the show floor, livestreaming right here on the site, and networking and interviewing with all sorts of Mac fans at the crowded show. In the evening, we headed out to a few media receptions, and were lucky ...

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Nvidia CEO loves Apple, possesses mysterious alien device

Talk about burying the lead -- Shufflegazine did a piece on Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Hwang during a visit to Dubai recently, in which he talks about how much he and his family love their Macs, and Apple's machines add value, and in his house it's just "Mac, Mac, Mac," and OH MY GOD, what is that SITTING ...

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Tour all of Macworld 2008 in less than five minutes

Two weeks ago the world was a-twitter with speculation as to what in the world Apple meant by "Something is in the Air." Of course, if you tuned in to our talkcast, you heard a pretty good tip on that score, but the next day El Steve-O dropped a shiny-new, paper-thin, slightly-underpowered (dependi...

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A sampling of Mac games on display at Macworld 2008

Mike took a tour of some Mac game booths over in Moscone West. Check out a quick review of Tiger Woods Golf, Sims Pool and Sims Bowling for the iPod, making machinima using 'The Movies' (who'd a thunk it), a brief interlude with Aquaria, a true Guitar Hero (seriously, one of the world's best takes ...

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Final Cut Studio 2 tour coming to a town near you

There are lots of new features in the recently announced Final Cut Studio 2. So many, in fact, that Apple is having a Final Cut Studio 2 tour that is making stops in the following cities: Washington, D.C. Seattle Miami Hollywood San Francisco Atlanta Dallas New York City There see...

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Booth tours in the galleries

We've been combing the extensive Macworld Expo 2007 floor since Tuesday and have posted some more booth tour galleries for your viewing enjoyment. Almost everyone has a presence here of some sort (sadly, almost), so we're doing our best to hit as may of the booths we can. As of this post, we have ...

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Google Earth Automator actions

Nyhthawk at has put together two Automator actions for Google Earth. The first is a 'Go To Location' action, while the second is a 'Save Screenshot' action. Since I can't find any version requirements for gEarth, I can only assume for now that they work with any version of the app (d...

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