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Tag: tower defense

Sentinel 4: Dark Star is a tower defense star

Strategy and upgrades are at the forefront in Sentinel 4: Dark Star, a tower defense game that challenges players to think on their feet in campaigns. There are 26 maps in the game, each with their own interesting challenges. Some of these challenges include limited locations to set turrets up a...

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Firearms, futuristic spaceships and lots of explosions in Naughty Kitties

Naughty Kitties is an action-strategy game that combines two of everyone's favorite things: kittens and high-powered weapons. As the player, you and your cats must keep your spaceship -- yes, spaceship -- alive as it cruises along the skies and takes down alien enemies. Your ship can be defended ...

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Castle Doombad is a tower defense game with an evil, vertical twist

There are already too many tower defense games on the App Store. There are great ones, good ones, OK ones and bad ones, and there are plenty of each category. Castle Doombad -- the latest from the always solid Adult Swim Games -- proves it deserves to exist two reasons: First, rather than adopting...

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Apple pulls sweatshop game from App Store

Apple has a strict set of rules governing its iOS App Store. Run afoul of them and you may be kicked out of the playground. One of the latest apps to feel the wrath of Apple's banhammer is Sweatshop HD, a tower defense game in which players run a factory sweatshop. According to PocketGamer, A...

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Daily iPhone App: Bad Hotel combines hotel building with music

Bad Hotel is a great game that you may have missed on the App Store earlier this year. I certainly missed it, though since it arrived (back around August), I believe, it's come up a few times in various game design and game reviewer circles. It's a weird mix of music and gameplay that is defini...

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Daily iPad App: Fieldrunners 2 HD arrives on iPad

I've been a fan of Fieldrunners 2 for a while now -- it's my opinion that this is the best tower defense game ever made. With rock solid gameplay, plenty of content, and lots of little upgrades and tweaks to make, Fieldrunners 2 sits at the top of the huge pile of games that this genre has crea...

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Daily iPhone App: Fieldrunners 2

I already sang the praises of Fieldrunners 2 when it hit the App Store last week, but it's worth one more spotlight. Tower defense is one of the most well-traveled genres on the App Store, but Fieldrunners 2 really does bring a lot of innovation to it, and it does so in such a well-polished and...

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Fieldrunners 2 available now

The sequel to one of the iPhone's first big hits, Fieldrunners, is now available on the App Store. Fieldrunners 2 is a really impressive update to the genre of tower defense. You'll find brand-new Retina Display graphics, over 20 different towers (some completely new to the genre), twenty new l...

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Daily iPhone App: Spice Invaders

If you're tired of tower defense games, I don't blame you. Feel free to skip this post, but let me say this before you go: I wouldn't spotlight yet another tower defense game if it wasn't special. That's why Spice Invaders has made the cut. The standard tower defense tropes are in place. Build and...

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Daily iPad App: Kingdom Rush

I first played Kingdom Rush as a Flash game online, and it's very good in that context as well. It's pretty straightforward tower defense, in that you face a series of invading monsters, and need to build up towers to defend against them. But Kingdom Rush outgrows its simple tower defense roots...

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Daily iPad App: Defenders of Ardania

Tower defense is a genre that's almost run its course, if you ask me. But Defenders of Ardania is still a really solid tower defense title for the iPad that does find some innovation left in the process of setting up towers and letting them take out the incoming bad guys. The twist here is that...

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Daily iPhone App: Gem Keeper

Gem Keeper is a relatively new game from developer NCSoft, which usually makes Korean MMO titles for the PC. The company has released a couple of apps for iOS, but this is the first full game made for North American audiences -- and it's a good one. It's a pretty basic tower defense title, but th...

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Daily iPhone App: Magic Defenders

Magic Defenders isn't new, but it has claimed a lot of my iPhone gaming time lately. It's a tower defense game, so if you like that genre, odds are that you'll like this one. Instead of building towers, you play the game as a mage that's casting spells against waves of attackers. The game cyc...

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Daily iPhone App: Tiny Heroes

Tiny Heroes is a fun one from David Whatley, the mind behind the popular GeoDefense titles for the App Store (who's also, incidentally, speaking later on this week at the 360iDev conference going on here in Denver). This one is tower defense as well, but it's got a nice Dungeon Keeper-esque t...

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TUAW's Daily iPhone App: Two Worlds II Castle Defense

Two Worlds is an RPG series for consoles that's had a few releases already, but this game for iOS only uses the same setting and assets as those titles. As you can tell from the title itself, it plays very differently from the third-person RPG. It's a castle defense game of a sort, but rather t...

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