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Fitbit introduces Flex wristband at CES 2013

Fitbit is one of the oldest names in fitness tracking these days, though given how new the industry actually is, the company's not really that old at all. But they have been around for a few years now, and this year at CES, the company introduced one more addition to its line of motion-based tr...

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More info about the physics of Angry Birds than you need to know

If there's anything I love to read, it's analysis of the commonplace items in our lives by physicists, engineers, and mathematicians. That's why I was attracted to a recent Wired Dot Physics post by physicist Rhett Allain in which he did a Tracker video analysis of the most important characters in A...

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TUAW's Daily App: Corkbin

I've been trying (pretty unsuccessfully) to become a smarter wine drinker for a while now, and Corkbin might just push me over the top. This elegantly designed app is set up to help you track and chart the wines that you drink, learn how to classify them, and share reviews with friends and fellow iP...

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Video: Monkey Business Labs and Package Tracker 3 sneak peek

Click To Play Monkey Business Labs, makers of the fine TV Tracker and Package Tracker widgets show us what's new in their bag of widget tricks... Like a sneak peek at Package Tracker 3. If you thought version 2 was cool, stick around for the ending because version 3 will knock your...

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