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Gameloft releases an impressive trailer for Modern Combat 5

You can say what you will about Gameloft (and lots of people do, as the company has earned a reputation for essentially copying HD console games onto Apple's iOS platforms), but this is at least true: The developer knows how to put a game together. Modern Combat is Gameloft's take on the extre...

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A trio of trailers: Vectrex Regeneration, Baldur's Gate Enhanced and Poker Knight

Well, it happened -- Thanksgiving was last week, Cyber Monday is today and from here on out, we are neck deep in the holiday season. This time of year is particularly busy on the App Store, as various game developers try to get their best products out during the holiday rush, taking advantage o...

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Daily iPad App: Paramount100

2012 marks the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures, the company that brought you The Ten Commandments, Saturday Night Fever, the new Mission Impossible movie and hundreds of other cinematic treats. In recognition of this milestone, Paramount100 has arrived on the App Store. P100 is a free, ...

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Why hosts movie trailers

Here's a pretty interesting story about why, of all places, hosts movie trailers. It all goes back to that first Star Wars: The Phantom Menace trailer back around 1998 (which I watched hundreds of times, before I saw the actual, less exciting movie). Over on Quora, a former Apple em...

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iMovie '11 Trailers feature won't let you spoof Universal trailers

Loyal tipster Tarik sent word that the iMovie '11 Trailers theme using a globe (very similar to the Universal Studios opener) won't allow you to use the word "Universal" in the title. He's currently testing other themes for similar censors, but it looks like Apple didn't want people spoofing Univers...

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Apple trailers page adds showtimes and theater maps

Since people still seem to want to leave their houses and go to the movies (despite Apple's best efforts to keep them firmly on their couches), the iTunes Movie Trailers site now features a sophisticated Showtimes view. This HTML5-savvy offering uses location awareness in your browser to show the...

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Apple creates iPhone-specific trailers site

For as long as I can remember, has been a great, ad-free place to see all the latest movie trailers in the one of the best video formats available on (and off) the web. During my ceaseless tinkering, I just noticed that Apple has created a sub-page at s...

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Saving Quicktime Trailers from Apple

Saving any QuickTime movie is a breeze if you have QuickTime Pro. I downloaded this Fantastic Four trailer (in HD), let it finish loading, and then selected File > Save As... and I was done. What if you don't want to shell out the dough for a QT Pro license? Well, Krunk4Ever (who isn't a fan of ...

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Widget Watch: HBO Widget

I haven't been this impressed with a widget's capabilities in a long time. The HBO widget is highly functional and eye candy-infused, allowing you not only to check the program guides for both HBO and Cinemax channels, but you can browse and view their 'large collection' of teasers right inside the...

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