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Tube Tracker for iOS helps you get around London's Underground, Overground and DLR

Tube Tracker (US$2.99) is the ideal companion for those traveling London's Tube (underground train service), the DLR (Docklands Light Rail) and the London Overground rail service. I've lived in London for over 12 years. Almost everyday I use London's rail network in one form or another to get aro...

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Daily iPad App: Chuggington Traintastic Adventures

Kids love trains and the locomotives from the British children's TV series Chuggington are downright adorable. As its name implies, Chuggington is a fictional town that is home to several young locomotives that zip around the town and its surrounding countryside. Kids who love the TV show will ...

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Reality doesn't get more real: 2 iPhone views of the NYC subway

There are two bits of knowledge that all native New Yorkers are gifted with: where to get "the best" pizza (Grimaldi's on the Brooklyn waterfront, in case you were wondering), and where to stand on the subway platform so as to arrive at the destination station in exactly the right spot to exit ahead...

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AT&T to provide underground service on Chicago subways

Good news for those of you who live with me here in Chicago and also don't have a car: while AT&T has gotten on the bad side of a lot of iPhone owners lately (seriously, that MMS delay is lame), they're at least doing one good deed for us Chicagoans. They've just announced that they're bringing ...

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Trains for iPhone: For lovers of Flight Control, except with trains

I have a particular affinity for trains. My father and grandfather both worked on the railroad, presumably all the live-long day. When a train rolls by, I'll make a comment about the engine or trucks or what-have-you, and my girlfriend will madly clap her hands together and yell yay twains! in a du...

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