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Docks, transformers, computing cores and taking it all with you

Back in the mists of history -- probably the late '90s or early '00s -- I remember reading a blog post. I'm afraid I have been unable to find it again, so you'll have to take my reminiscing on faith (but please leave a comment if you know what I'm talking about). This post dissected and analyze...

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How iPod docks have reshaped movies

TV shows and movies often reflect the prevailing pop cultural themes of their day and age. One fixture from the eighties and early nineties was the boombox. Like big hair, Members Only jackets, and women wearing shoulder pad-laden tops, boomboxes were seemingly everywhere during that era. You'd be h...

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iPod transformer?

Imagine an iPod-shaped transformer that kicked butt and took no prisoners. That treat might await us in the upcoming Transformers movie according to iLounge. A 12-inch iPod supposedly turns into a "little killing machine", presumably scaring an entire generation away from MP3 players. Ethical consi...

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