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Google Translate native app available for iPhone, features speech-to-text and synthesized voices

Last month Google came out with some new synthesized voices for Google Translate, and now the Google Mobile Blog has announced the availability of an iOS version of Google Translate, complete with voice-to-text data entry and synthesized speech. There's support for 15 languages via voice entry, but...

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Word Lens hands-on: Does it really translate text in real-time?

Word Lens hit the store with a bang, promising real-time translation of signs, menus, and any other text your camera can capture. Does the augmented-reality app work? Somewhat, yes. Is it the future? Definitely. We're just not there yet. I'll let the images in the gallery tell the story. But firs...

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Widget Watch: Web Translator 2.0

Web Translator is a widget that allows you to translate a web page or text using either Google's Translation service or AltaVista's Babel Fish service. Usage is pretty simple: enter a URL or text, chose the languages and off you go. This widget seems like a nice addition to Apple's built-in transla...

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