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Polynumial teaches you to count in over 50 languages

Polynumial, free with ads in the App Store for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is a bare bones language app that focuses only on learning numbers. While the app itself doesn't do a lot, it's packed with 60 languages, which is far more than most language apps. Unfortunately, the variety of languag...

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The popular iTranslate iOS app comes to the Mac

iTranslate is a favorite tool of mine on iOS. Today iTranslate has made it to the Mac and has appeared in the Mac App Store at an introductory price U$4.99, half of what it normally costs. iTranslate supports more than 80 languages and is accessible from the Mac menu bar. This is a very polished ap...

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iTranslate Voice delivers version 2.0 with new features and faster performance

When I looked at iTranslate Voice in 2012, I though it was like science fiction. It lets you speak to your iOS device in one language, and hear any of 36 other languages come back. It's a powerful application for world travelers and anyone who must speak or interpret a foreign language. Version 2.0...

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Translating the Apple Q4 2013 earnings call into normal human language

Apple earnings calls always create a bit of a three-ring circus on the web. Everyone tries to read into every last boast and stutter out of the mouths of Apple management and predict the future. We do plenty of that here at TUAW as well -- you can check out all the hard numbers from the call on our...

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Devjuice: TraductoPro offers human-powered localization and translation

TraductoPro offers an app-based translation bureau for developers struggling to internationalize their applications. With it, you can translate Xcode projects and app metadata as well as press releases and other documents. Importantly, your app does not already need to be set up to use localizatio...

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Languages offers offline translation for the iPhone

Today, Tapity -- maker of the iRadio and iTranslate apps for iOS -- is launching Languages, an all-new translation app that works regardless of an internet connection. Because it doesn't rely on an internet connection like some translation apps, Languages can provide instant results for your queri...

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Daily iPad app: Converse

A few weeks ago I wrote about tips while traveling with your iPad. Today I want to tell you about an app that might be useful for those traveling to other countries where they don't speak the native language. Or, it might be useful once it gets fleshed out a little more. The idea behind Converse ...

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Rumor: Intel's Core i5 to show up in MacBook Pros this month

Spanish website had an interesting tidbit this morning. As seen in the screenshot from the site, an Intel Retail Edge program email showed a giveaway for a MacBook Pro. While that's not unusual -- a MacBook Pro makes a great prize for any contest -- the email showed that the MacBook Pro...

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Dell comments on Apple's green commitment, TUAW translates from PR-speak to English

Dell executive Bob Pearson decided to comment on Apple's "green" ad campaign. It was hard to understand. We were confused. Fortunately, Robert was nice enough to translate. The original post, on Dell's site, is here. "Several Dell folks were surprised and perplexed to see Apple's new 'green' MacBook...

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Zut alors! MacBook announcement doesn't translate well

Thanks to what appears to be a character encoding problem on a French version of the Apple website, the MacBook announcement -- meant to say "perfectly designed" in French -- came out reading "perfectly dumb" (or as one of our tipsters said, a more vulgar version of "perfectly poopy"). That wasn't ...

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TUAW makes Jisho better, version 2.1.1 out now

The other week, we posted about Jisho, a Japanese to English translator for the Mac, and James, the developer, sent us another notice today that he's since updated to version 2.1.1. I can't find a changelist anywhere (and the site still says version 2.1) but James says there's a new intro splash s...

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Jisho: Japanese to English translator for the Mac

I've watched as much anime as the next guy, but even I need a Japanese dictionary to figure out what those crazy robots are saying sometimes. Enter Jisho, a Japanese/English dictionary for Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. You can search in the Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana forms of Japanese, and also in En...

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