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The transparent Mac trick

Usually these wallpapers don't work well with desktops, but this is a big exception. [Photo credit: Thomas Huxley]...

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iFixit offers transparent rear panels for iPhone 4S

iFixit released transparent rear panels for the iPhone 4 several months ago, which put the surprisingly attractive innards of Apple's smartphone on display. Apple must have tweaked the internals of the iPhone 4S just barely enough for that panel to be incompatible, because iFixit has now released...

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Make your Mac, iPhone or iPad 2 transparent

Photojojo details an easy set of instructions that will let you create eye-catching photo-in-photo transparent images like the one shown above. You don't need a fancy camera or expensive software. All you need is a few extra gadgets, some creativity and a helper to snap the photos. The proces...

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iFixIt releases transparent iPhone 4 rear panel

If you like to see the innards of your handset, then you have to check out this latest offering from iFixit. The repair company known for its detailed teardown analyses has released a transparent rear panel for the GSM/AT&T iPhone 4. Unfortunately, the Verizon iPhone 4 has a slightly differen...

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Terminal Tips: Make hidden Dock icons transparent

Without using Exposé, it is hard to tell which Mac OS X applications are hidden and which aren't. But, with a simple Terminal hack, you can have all your application icons displayed as transparent. Simply open Terminal.app (Applications > Utilities) and type the following command exactly...

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Leopard's new menubar is hideous

I haven't watched the keynote yet, and I've been spending most of my time looking through the other new features of Mac OS X Leopard. After I found that non-transparent menubar mod for Leopard, however, I can't get over how hideous that new menubar really is. I also hate to say it, but Apple's secre...

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Non-transparent mod for Leopard's new menubar

If you've seen any pictures or movies of Leopard's (mostly) final UI in action from this week's WWDC events or the new Leopard section at apple.com, you've probably noticed that Apple has introduced a new design to their menubar, Desktop and Dock (watch the video to see these new toys in action). Th...

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Afloat - window floating and transparency at the stroke of a key

Afloat is a killer System Preferences utility that adds a 'float on top' option and customizable transparency settings to virtually any Cocoa app in Mac OS X. Once installed (and you restart any Cocoa apps that were running), new keyboard shortcuts and a couple of options under the Window menu will...

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TransparentDock 2 updated for 10.4.5

TransparentDock 2, the handy donationware/shareware utility for (you guessed it) manipulating the Mac OS X Dock, has been updated to version 2.3.7 to make it compatible with the recently released 10.4.5 upgrade. This new version doesn't do anything spectacular; it simply allows you to make your 10....

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