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MTA, AT&T declare winners of transit app contest

New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and AT&T announced the winners of the 2013 App Quest challenge this week. The challenge was designed to highlight the best mobile apps for the millions of MTA customers who tote up to an impressive 2.6 billion trips each year on the MTA's ...

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Electric scooter shares info via iPhone dock

When it comes to iPhone connectivity, modern cars offer a wealth of options ranging from music syncing to navigation tools, but plugging your iPhone into a moped is something entirely different. As CNET reports, Tokyo's Terra Motors plans to create just that, and the company is betting that its ne...

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Uber cancels NYC taxi program, due to high demand

Uber's bold initiative to let New York City residents hail taxis via their smartphones has met its end after just a few of months of operation. The company announced the shutdown today, going on to say that the reason is not due to poor reception -- in fact, it's exactly the opposite. It seems tha...

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The best London transport app for the Olympics or anytime

A few weeks ago I wrote an article highlighting the best London transportation apps for visitors coming to the London Olympics. In my article I divided the apps based on mode of transport: tube, bus, car, boat, and bicycle. Shortly after the article went live I was having dinner with some old...

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Going to the London Olympics? Here are the transport apps you'll need

The London 2012 Olympics officially start in just under two weeks. From July 27th until August 12th millions of combined spectators, journalists, and the world's fittest athletes will descend upon the greatest city on the planet. During that time Transport for London estimates that there will b...

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Hitch a car ride with SideCar for iPhone

I can remember as a kid how popular it was to hitchhike. People would stand on the side of the road, stick out their thumb to look for a ride. Nowadays, SideCar wants to replace your thumb with an iPhone, according to a CNET report. Founded in 2011 in San Francisco, the community-driven servi...

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