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Summer Travel Ahead? Chimani National Park guides are free for a limited time

I've loved the Chimani National Park guides. They're chock full of worthwhile information and are well worth the US$4.99 to 9.99 they usually sell for. Beginning April 17, the apps are free in celebration of National Park Week. This great deal will last through April 29. "Last year we gave aw...

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Tips for traveling (or not) with the iPad

Gary Arndt has written an interesting blog post about traveling with his iPad for a year. In it, he offers some very helpful tips to world travelers who carry Apple's wonder device with them. As a fellow world traveler (I've been to 30 countries in two years) it was interesting to read and cont...

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Tripit adds itinerary editing to iPhone app

We've been fans of the Tripit app & web travel manager since we first looked at it back in 2009, and the latest updates to it haven't cooled our ardor at all. Tripit makes simple something that could be very complicated. It takes all the various emailed itineraries you have for a trip -- ...

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TUAW's Daily App: Trip Cubby Free

I already use David Barnard's great Gas Cubby app to track all of my gas purchases on my little 2005 Matrix, but since I'm getting ready to drive up to Las Vegas today for the big CES show this week (stay tuned for lots of Apple-related coverage right here on TUAW), now seems like a good time to tak...

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Delta Airlines to install gate-area charging stations in 19 U.S. airports

Delta Airlines is helping to make life a bit easier for travelers that hope to top off their batteries before getting onto a plane. Until now, fliers often had to scour the corners of gate areas to find an available outlet to scrounge some spare electrons. Last week, the world's largest airline...

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Traveling? iPhone can help!

Update: As many noted below in the comments a lot of the functionality mentioned in the article is not iPhone-specific. As such please find below updated information providing details as to what can be accomplished on the iPhone, iPod Touch or both. If you're a road warrior and an iPhone or iPod tou...

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