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Priceline says mobile flight bookers like taking it easy

Priceline.com is one of the most well-known flight- and hotel-booking sites out there, and the company recently shared some information with TUAW about how its mobile device-based users tend to set up travel. The company identified three trends for the people booking flights from mobile devices...

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Avengers Blu Ray release getting companion iOS app

The Avengers, after rocking movie theaters around the country, is headed to a Blu Ray release. Marvel Studios is trying something interesting with the presentation: The company will be releasing an iOS app designed to be used along with the movie itself. The Avengers Initiative: A Marvel Second...

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Apple jumps to no. 3 in US PC market, even without iPad

Gartner and the market intelligence firm IDC have made their quarterly proclamation about PC retail shipments, and things aren't too great for that market: Growth is much slower than expected, picking up only 2.3%, way off from the predictions of 6.7 growth made in the first quarter of this yea...

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NPD: Mobile accounts for half of digital game downloads

NPD has released a report that cites mobile games as a big driver for digital downloads overall. Digital game consumption has been growing in leaps and bounds lately, and according to the latest report, nearly half of all of those digital game downloads come from mobile game platforms, of whi...

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Millennial Media report has Apple with 56% of smartphone market, ad requests up big time

Millennial Media has a new report (out this morning) that they sent along, and it's got some interesting research, based on their advertising network, about Apple and its place in the smartphone market. As you can see above, Apple's still got the majority base of OS users in the smartphone market; ...

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The keys to App Store success, courtesy of Pinch Media

Just about every conversation I have with an iPhone developer who's had any level of App Store success eventually (usually sooner rather than later) includes the question, "what worked for you?" I've been trying to distill some kind of pattern -- a sure-fire marketing tactic -- but there are just to...

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Tracking the iPhone hype generator

Fortune's Apple 2.0 got a nice little graph up of just where and when the iPhone's hype machine went into overdrive. There's no question it was a gigantic brand last year, but what's interesting is just how manufactured and "by design" each of those spikes are. B on the chart above is the actual iP...

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Spotting celebs with the iPhone

Obama and Lindsay Lohan are far from the only people rocking the iPhone lately -- a new site called "Coolspotters" claims to track brands and the celebrities that use them, and the iPhone is pretty cool lately. 32 celebrities have been spotted -- everyone from Mike Tyson to Heidi Klum to Rose McGowa...

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Apple among Gen Y most trusted brands

Ok, Generation Y, which brands do you trust the most (for the record, "Generation Y" is comprised of people between the ages of 21-27)? Outlaw Consulting asked that question to a group they referred to as their "...most forward trendsetter* panelists" across several US cities, and Apple topped the l...

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