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Apple posts tribute to Robin Williams

On August 11, 2014 the world lost Robin Williams, a legend in comedy in and cinema. Recently, Apple released an advertisement that featured the actor's dialog from "Dead Poets Society." Tim Cook has already paid his respects via Twitter, but now his company has as well. Apple posted the above ima...

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You can eat the face of Steve Jobs, if that's your thing

In the years since the passing of Steve Jobs we've seen countless tributes in virtually all forms, but the edible work of chef -- nay, artist -- Wilhelm Rodriguez is particularly amazing. Using your standard pizza ingredients, Rodriguez, who currently works at Papa's Pizza in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Ric...

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Cupertino City Council produces Steve Jobs tribute video

The Cupertino City Council has paid tribute to the memory of Steve Jobs by adjourning its meeting on Tuesday, October 18, 2011. As mentioned on the Cupertino City Council website, "The city is in the process of reviewing the new Apple Campus 2 headquarters project, which was Mr. Jobs' vision." ...

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Musician John Mayer shares his thoughts on Steve Jobs

In a recent blog post, Grammy award winning artist John Mayer recalls his eight-year relationship with Steve Jobs. It's an interesting story about the Apple CEO that shows the gracious side of his personality, a trait that's not often discussed. Mayer met Steve Jobs in 2003 when Mayer called ...

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Apple posts fans' memories of Steve Jobs

On Wednesday, Apple posted a tribute page to Steve Jobs that contains the memories and sentiments that fans sent to Apple using the rememberingsteve@apple.com email account. Apple says over a million people sent in messages describing how Steve Jobs and Apple influenced their lives. The page di...

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Steve Jobs banner in the Windy City a nice tribute (Updated)

We've seen all sorts of Steve Jobs tributes over the last few days, with most Apple Stores worldwide being showered with flowers, personal messages, and even old Macs. TUAW reader James Risley saw a unique tribute to Steve in Chicago -- two of the ubiquitous street banners in that city, showing...

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Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert pay tribute to Steve Jobs

Talk show host Jon Stewart used a small part of his Daily Show to pay tribute to Steve Jobs. His remembrance was touching and thoughtful. Stephen Colbert also honored Steve Jobs in a short clip that tried to lighten things up with a touch of humor. You can watch both clips below. Jon Stewa...

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Creative firm declares Steve Jobs Day on October 14

A creative agency named Studiocom has started up a movement to name October 14 as Steve Jobs Day, in order to honor admire and pay tribute to the great Apple Chairman of the Board. The movement is completely unofficial, but the firm wants to get action going on social networks, and even encoura...

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Runner's 13-mile trip is a tribute to Steve Jobs

In the days since the resignation of Steve Jobs as CEO of Apple, Inc., we've seen an amazing outpouring of love for the man and his legacy. But none of those tributes has had quite the impact of marathon runner Joseph Tame accomplished with an iPhone (actually two), the Runkeeper app and servic...

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