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Tag: tripod

MOS Kick: Incredibly small, light and sturdy iPhone stand

Accessory designers love to take up a challenge, and that must be the reason that the folks at MOS in Orem, Utah came up with the MOS Kick (US$25 pledge). The idea was to create an iPhone 6 and 6 Plus stand that could easily fit in a pocket, yet be sturdy enough to let you take the time lapse an...

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Kenu Stance compact tripod holds your iPhone, opens beers

What's better than a little tripod for your iPhone? A little tripod for your iPhone that doubles as a bottle opener! That's the idea behind the innovative Kenu Stance ($29.95), a new product from the accessory manufacturer that also produces the Highline case and Airframe car mount. Specification...

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Square Jellyfish Tablet Tripod Mount and Jelly Long Legs Tripod

Last week at Macworld/iWorld 2014 I had the opportunity to be a speaker, doing a presentation on Friday afternoon about Siri and The Internet of Things. One of the benefits of being a speaker at this conference is a "swag bag" full of goodies from companies that are sponsoring the expo, and it's a...

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My cheap, simple livestreaming rig: iPhone, Ustream, Zagg and Clingo

The challenge: On short notice, I was asked to stream holiday services from my wife's synagogue so that homebound congregants and college students could attend at a distance. "Sure," I said, before I really thought it through. My preferred setup for a reliable video stream would include a Mac...

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Photojojo provides a convenient telephoto lens for iPhone

The iPhone makes a great at-the-ready camera. Those of us appropriately sidearmed with an iPhone usually keep it easy to grab, which makes it the perfect device to yank from our pocket and snap a few pictures. And while the digital zoom is an awesome feature, it has limitations, and usually ends up ...

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iPhone photographers, get your Glif on with new tripod mount

It's a local-boys-make-good story for the Internet age: two New Yorkers brainstorm an idea for the kind of iPhone 4 tripod mount/stand they'd want to buy. They put their design on Kickstarter with the intention of raising US$10,000 in ramp-up funding. With a snazzy prototype video and the attention...

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Gorillamobile revised for iPhone 4

The other day I was editing some very shaky video taken with an iPhone 4, and I suggested that the owner pick up a tripod -- so this is pretty good timing. Made just for the iPhone 4, JOBY designed the new Gorillamobile with an included bumper case (which stays on your iPhone) that slides into a ra...

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Adding a Carl Zeiss SLR lens to your iPhone 4

If the 5x digital zoom on the iPhone 4's 5 MP digital camera doesn't make your heart pound with joy, maybe you should dig out some of those lenses from the SLR film camera that you're not using anymore and use 'em with your iPhone. We're not sure of the source of this Franken-cam, but it looks li...

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TUAW Review and giveaway: Blur Tripod and app for iPhone

Way back in September, we announced that Mobile Mechatronics was going to be selling a combination of a tiny tripod and an iPhone app called Blur. The idea behind this combo is that the tripod can hold your iPhone more steadily than your hand can, and then the software can assist you by either takin...

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iPhone photo news: tripods and water drop lenses

The iPhone has made photography fun for me again. I frankly hated the cameras I had in some of my other, older phones, and I don't like carrying around my big Canon digicam all the time, so having a fairly capable camera in my pocket has opened up my photo-taking horizons again. When I got the 3GS ...

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ZGrip iPhone Jr. available August 15th

Dave Caolo tempted TUAW readers in early July with news about Zacuto's ZGrip iPhone Pro, a handy (no pun intended) articulated grip for taking steadier video with the iPhone 3GS. While the US$295 price tag was a bit out of the realm of possibility for all but well-heeled iPhone geeks, there was a ta...

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Found Footage: Inexpensive do-it-yourself tripod mount for iPhone

iPhone Savior featured this short video clip this morning by Scott Patrick showing how to use an inexpensive Contour iPhone case and some common hardware to make an iPhone tripod mount. There are two impressive points about this mount; first, by using the Contour case, you know that the iPhone is ...

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