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Tag: trivia

Mind the Buzz is fun trivia game with emphasis on education

Mind the Buzz is a fun and educational trivia game for iOS boasting over 12,000 questions in a number of categories. Two modes allow for either playing solo to beat your own scores and gain knowledge or in a group with other friends to challenge each other. The higher your score, the more likely ...

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Football fans battle it out with Fans Wars-Pro Football Edition

Some teams in the NFL have developed huge rivalries. Think Bears vs Packers, Chiefs vs Raiders, and Steeler vs Ravens. Now while those teams go at it on the field, their fans can compete with rival fans using Fan Wars-Pro Football Edition. The free universal app requires iOS 7.0 and lots of NFL kn...

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Unfortunately, Guess The 90s is really, really good

There are already enough (or perhaps too many) trivia games on the iPhone. There are all-encompassing gems like QuizUp but most aren't nearly that well done, and to be honest, I was kind of hoping Guess The 90s would be a dud as well. I was born in the mid 80s, so the vast majority of my childhood...

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Daily iPhone App: Should you play QuizUp? Hint: The answer is yes

I'm not a fan of quiz games. Actually, let me rephrase that: I didn't think I was a fan of quiz games. When I was first contacted to take a look at QuizUp, I had very little interest in it because, well, it's a quiz game. To me, quiz games are inherently boring, too broad, too long and oftentimes ...

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Daily iPhone App: Lie Swatter has you swatting lies for fun with friends

Developer Jellyvision is best known as the company behind the great You Don't Know Jack series -- they've made nearly every version of the best-selling trivia video game, including the really great iOS iteration. Lie Swatter is the latest game from the company, and while it's not related to You...

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App lets you battle Ken Jennings in trivia death match

If you ever wanted to know how you would stack up against Ken Jennings in a Jeopardy battle, now's your chance. An app called Trivia Death Match with Ken Jennings hit the App Store last week. It allows players to answer trivia questions against Jennings in timed matches. Points are awarded for ...

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You Don't Know Jack gets celebrity guests

I am a big fan of the You Don't Know Jack series as a whole, and I think the recently released iOS version is one of the best ways to play the game: It's social, it's quick and easy, and oh yeah, it's completely free. And now that version is getting even better -- Jellyvision has made some deal...

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Daily iPhone App: You Don't Know Jack returns in Facebook form

You may be surprised to see the classic You Don't Know Jack here in this space again, as we've already covered it as a daily app. But that version is no longer on the App Store, and the new version that appeared yesterday is a completely different game, this time based on the Facebook version o...

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Daily iPhone App: Quizboard makes Scrabble more trivial

Since the success of Scrabblous on Facebook and Words with Friends on the iPhone, there have been plenty of Scrabble-like games out there, where you place lettered tiles on a board trying to spell words for a high score. But Quizboard smartly takes that gameplay, and puts a new twist on it: Ins...

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TUAW TV Live: iPads, apps, accessories, and trivia

Welcome back to another thrilling episode of TUAW TV Live! On today's show, I'll be doing the regular round of demos along with discussion with the chat room about the new iPad, and ending the show with another fun round of Apple trivia. As usual, the show will get underway at exactly 5 PM EDT / 2...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: 4G iPads, fun apps, Apple trivia

It's Wednesday already, which means it's time for another episode of TUAW TV Live. It's too early to do an iPad unboxing or post-mortem, but I'm sure we'll have an opportunity to discuss all the things about the new iPad that we didn't get around to last week. I'll also be demonstrating some fun a...

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You Don't Know Jack coming to iOS

Here's some good news for your Friday: The newest version of the classic trivia video game You Don't Know Jack is coming to iOS. Cookie and the gang, Question Four (the question that cares), and all the rest will be on Apple's handheld platforms sometime in the future, so you'll be able to do s...

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Unsung iPad 2 feature: New SIM ejector tool

By now we all know about the iPad 2's A5 processor, its redesigned case, its front and rear-facing cameras. Here's a feature I haven't seen anyone mention yet: the iPad 2 has a new SIM ejector tool. You can see the new tool on the right side of this photo, compared with the original ejector too...

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Planning a Super Bowl party? Check out these apps

With the countdown to the Super Bowl underway, TUAW is here to highlight some apps that will help smooth out your party planning. Apple helped as well, releasing its own list of Super Bowl party apps. We'll share some of those with you, as well as a few of our own favorites....

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TUAW's Daily App: Movie Triangles

Movie Triangles is a fun Java game where you connect movie stars and their films in a Sierpinski triangle-style grid. Developer Jim Blackler originally had the idea to create a trivia game made up of information straight from Wikipedia, and Movie Triangles is what that idea eventually became. It's ...

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