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TUAW Tip: Getting your fill with iTunes' autofill

I'm the iTunes music pharmacist for my family's iPod and iPhone music libraries. In short, what this means is that, whether it's due to "getting sick of hearing the same thing over and over when I'm running" or wanting a new song or album on their iPod, they come to me when they want their music ref...

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TUAW Tip: Get your animated slideshows to MobileMe

For all the things Apple does right, there are some strange decisions in the integration of iPhoto and MobileMe. iPhoto has a wonderful way to create animated slideshows with music and professional looking transitions and you can look at them all day on your Mac, or send them to your iPhone or Apple...

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SSH and the case-sensitive username in Snow Leopard

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard introduced a lot of under-the-hood changes and many are not very obvious. One such change is to the authentication requirements for logging in remotely via SSH. In 10.5 logging in remotely via SSH was a pretty standard affair. In 10.6, however, security has been beefed ...

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TUAW Tip: Sync your bookmarks to an iPhone or iPod touch with Xmarks

I'm an avid user of Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks) as are probably many of you. I browse the Internet regularly on three different computers, and so it helps immensely to have all of my Firefox bookmarks and passwords synced. But the one fly in my ointment has been my iPhone's mobile Safari installatio...

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Why is there a progress bar when my Mac is starting up?

Update: As several of our commenters pointed out, the OS is probably running the fsck utility in the background to repair directory problems, while showing the progress bar to the end user so they know there's something going on (fsck can take quite a while). Here's an older Apple support article th...

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TUAW Tip: Smart Groups in Address Book

Let's face it, contact management is a pain. Address Book in OS X is a good tool, but one often overlooked feature is the "Smart Group" -- a way of quickly organizing your contacts together. If you're familiar with Smart Playlists in iTunes, it's the same but with contact info. To start a Smart Gr...

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TUAW Tip: Multitasking in iTunes

Have you ever been playing one of your finely-tuned playlists, blissfully grooving to the music, only to connect your iPod or iPhone and lose your place? In other words, iTunes (if you've set it to automatically sync) will move your view from whatever playlist you're in to the sync window. That's...

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TUAW Tip: Wipe down an old Mac with Target Disk Mode

A reader recently contacted us with a question regarding her decision to recycle an older iMac computer. She wanted to know how she could clear/reformat the hard drive, but didn't have the disks that came with the system. So, we thought we would take a minute to tell you how you can cleanse your har...

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TUAW Tip: Removing duplicate songs from iTunes

Have you ever been listening your iTunes library and wondered why a song played more than one time? Duplicate songs in your library can be very annoying, and waste precious space on your hard drive. In this TUAW Tip, I'm going to show you how to get rid of duplicates using a built-in feature in iTun...

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TUAW Tips: Replace login screen background

Are you tired of the standard background for the login window? Well, if you are running Tiger or Leopard, you can easily change this picture to anything you wish. This is handy for schools or organizations who want a static background showing off their spiffy logo. For Leopard Users To change the b...

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TUAW Tip: Add date to the menu bar clock

Have you ever wanted to quickly verify today's date, but didn't want to open iCal? Well, you could click on the clock in the menu to get the month/day/year. However, you can also change the layout of the clock to include the extra information such as month/day/year. To do this, open System Prefer...

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TUAW Tip: How to disable automatic hyperlinks in Pages '08

Do you find it annoying when you go to type in an e-mail address or hyperlink into Pages and it automatically thinks you want the text turned into a hyperlink? Well, you can easily change this setting in the preferences. Just open Page's Preferences (Pages > Preferences, or use command + , (co...

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TUAW Tip: The best way to add the Trash to your Finder sidebar

Update: Alas, it looks like I'm going to have to withdraw this one. Do not use this tip, particularly on PPC Macs. Although it worked fine in my initial testing on an Intel Mac, it's becoming clear that this doesn't work for everyone, nor does it persist after a restart. So while I don't think it's ...

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TUAW Tip: open a second Mail window to stay productive

This whole 'electronic mail' really seems to have taken off with the internets, and we need to rely on it for an increasing amount of communication with email lists, coworkers, friends and more. While many users have at least some sort of Rules system for filing messages into folders (or ta...

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TUAW Tip: Hiding iTunes Artwork

I don't know about you but my iTunes source list gets crowded. Sometimes I just need a little more space for my list. Command-G gives me that space. Its menu equivalents (View -> Show Artwork and View -> Hide Artwork) aren't exactly hidden features menu-wise but this option isn't as widely kn...

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