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TUAW TV Live: Doctors Without Borders Edition

This week on TUAW TV Live, I am still covering for Steve Sande while he is on a boat, but this week I have found a friend to help me disrupt the class. Today I will be joined by the other doctor from the cast of regulars Dr. Allgood. We will be doing an open mic session about anything and everyt...

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TUAW TV Live: The Substitute Teacher Edition

This week on TUAW TV Live, I am covering for Steve Sande while he is on a boat and what a perfect time to talk about replacements. Today I will talk about some alternatives to apps that we have loved for years that have either gone away or have changed in a way that has left us feeling wanting. Sh...

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TUAW TV Live at 5pm ET: Kelly rules the roost

Our fearless host Steve Sande is still on the road, so the showtime shift is covered by Kelly G and Doc Rock again this week. Our show will primarily be the "all request hour," where the agenda is completely driven by our chat room live viewers; if you want to get heard, keep reading for instruc...

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TUAW TV: The Savant experience in NYC

As we mentioned last week, Savant is currently running a road tour to show off its iPad interface for home automation; Mike Schramm was able to catch up with the festivities in California and got a good taste of the possibilities for replacing 'expensive glass' in proprietary controllers with the r...

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