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Post-keynote TUAW prediction scorecard: How did we do?

Yesterday we pooled our predictions together to try and predict what would happen at the iPad presentation today. How did we all do? Sang Tang: Sang was the closest in terms of the iPad's screen size -- 9.6" prediction vs. 9.7" actual size. However, the iPad has neither wireless HDMI nor a fro...

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Scott McNulty, signing off

I'm not used to writing about myself here on TUAW. I'm usually not the story, but just this once we thought it would be appropriate to break with tradition. After 3.5 years here at TUAW (here's my first post), and serving as lead blogger for a good portion of that time, I will be moving on to other ...

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You're gonna have to face it ...

Hello everyone! My name is Robert Palmer, and I'd like to first thank you in advance for letting me blog for you here at TUAW. I've been using a Mac since 1992, and have owned five Macs since. By day, I'm a web developer, specializing in clean, honest, standards-compliant XHTML and CSS. By night, I ...

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