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TUAW Resolutions: Organize iTunes

I had been living near my iPod's 30GB threshold for many months. So I recently resolved to take a few days and get my iTunes library into better working order. Here are the steps I personally took to organize iTunes. Some of these are pretty extreme and may not be universally appealing but you might...

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TUAW Resolutions: Organize your life and get things done

Psst. The secret of the Getting Things Done philosophy? Keeping a calendar and doing regular reviews of your to-do lists. Yes, it's a bit counter-intuitive. Who would think that the underlying basis of controlling your life is to focus on planning rather than on actually doing the things that need t...

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TUAW Resolutions: Learn a new language

Buon Giorno. ¡Hola!. Guten tag. Of course, the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the country where the language is spoken. But that's not always a possibility, especially if you're working your way towards a trip or preparing for a move. If you're trying to learn a languag...

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TUAW Resolutions: Expand Your Mind

Where do literature, opera, history and art intersect with portable electronic devices? The answer is the iPod. There are those who laugh at the idea of experiencing culture through the lens of consumer electronics. And there are those who will load up their iPods with lectures, great audio books, m...

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TUAW Resolutions: Get in Shape

Looking to get in shape in 2007? Your new iPod makes a great workout companion. Yes, you still have to "just do it", but your iPod can help you "do it" if you let it. Consider the Nike+iPod sports kit. It lets you track your training progress in real time by connecting a transmitter in your sneakers...

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TUAW Resolutions

Christmas is over, and you know what that means: New Year's is just around the corner. When the calendar turns to yet another year people around the globe make promises to themselves, promises that they will better themselves by doing a number of things. These 'promises' are known as resolutions and...

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