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Daily iPad App: Leviathan Warships features sweet, turn-based boat warfare

First of all, go enjoy the wonderful trailer for this game. If you're not sold on Leviathan Warships (US$4.99 on the App Store) after watching that, then I'm not exactly sure what else you want. Leviathan Warships is a turn-based naval strategy game. Your job is to guide a series of ships throu...

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Daily iPhone App: Rune Raiders charges into turn-based combat

Rune Raiders isn't a new app -- it came out a little while ago and has been updated a few times (and you can actually play a version of it online in Flash). But I was looking through the App Store for a few good turn-based games recently, and Rune Raiders has been stealing more and more of my p...

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Daily iPhone App: LostStar Tactics does turn-based strategy right

LostStar Tactics is a brand new game from developer James Pawliuk, and it features one of my favorite types of gameplay. It's a turn-based strategy RPG title, so the goal here is to take a series of characters through a run of battles, controlling their movement and actions from turn to turn. T...

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