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Review: Google Maps for iOS

Google is back with a vengeance after Apple unceremoniously dumped them on iOS with a free Google Maps app. People rightly howled about it, especially since the Apple Maps app was slick but undernourished in the data and accuracy departments. Apple's Tim Cook has apologized, and there have be...

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Alternatives to iOS 6's Maps app for navigation and search

OK, we know Apple's Maps app in iOS 6 hasn't been a favorite feature for many people (allow me a bit of sarcasm). Yes, it adds realtime voice navigation, keeps walking directions and links to transit apps -- but it's still painful in many spots. You still, however, must travel from point A to p...

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NDrive Australia/NZ: A competent GPS nav app with a few flaws

When asked if I wanted to review NDrive Australia & New Zealand (currently US$24.99, AU$29.99, and NZ$30.99), I was initially reluctant. "The problem with these nav apps is they don't really seem to offer me a compelling alternative to the free Maps app plus a co-pilot," I said. Since getting my...

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European nav app first out of the gate for iPhone

It looks like our European friends will get first crack at an advanced turn-by-turn navigation app for the iPhone/iPod touch. MobileNavigator Europe [App Store] requires the 3.0 software, and looks to be fully featured: 2D and 3D map displays Can be used in portrait and landscape format Bran...

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TUAW Review: XRoad G-Map US

During the discussion earlier in the year about why Apple was blocking turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps for the iPhone 3G (it will be "legal" in iPhone 3.0), a reader pointed out that there have been a pair of turn-by-turn navigators in the App Store for quite a while. Upon following the reader hint...

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