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Voice Tutor puts vocal exercises in your pocket

Whether you fancy yourself the second coming of Pavarotti or just the best vocalist in your own shower, the truth isn't always pleasant to the ear: not everyone can sing. Everyone, however, can learn to sing better -- and that's the point of Voice Tutor, a sharp app from the experienced vocal coache...

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TypingWeb gains Safari compatiblity

The biggest barrier to effectively using your Mac (or your iPhone) isn't processor speed or software compatibility -- it's poor typing speed. Who knew back at the invention of the manual typewriter that the QWERTY keyboard layout (alleged to have been designed to slow down typists and avoid jams) wo...

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A typing tutor for the iPhone

A while back, we reported on a study that (not only had all kinds of holes in it, but) claimed the iPhone's keyboard was two times slower than other phones. But as many commenters said, the keyboard just requires practice. And there's no better way to get it than to jump into a typing tutor. We've s...

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