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Hours of Logic Pro X training are available online

Logic Pro X, the latest version of Apple's professional recording software, has hit stores with a smorgasbord of new features and options. At $200 the software is decidedly less expensive than its competitor Pro Tools, making it a great budget choice for cash-strapped music producers. However new...

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Setting up Mountain Lion: 12 geek setup tips

After I recently wrote about how I often set up new Macs from scratch rather than taking advantage of migration, many people asked me to share my action logs. While I can't do that specifically because (1) my logs are extremely long and cryptic and (2) they contain tons of personal activation keys...

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iPad app teaches Photoshop CS6 in an engaging manner

I've been debating jumping to Photoshop CS6 for awhile. I've had every version of PS since version 1 way back in the distant past and have really looking for someone to show me what the differences between CS5 and CS6 were in an easily understandable way. To help solve my dilemma, I grabbed a c...

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iPad 101: Customize your wallpaper

Unlike the iPhone,* the iPad lets you customize wallpapers for, both, the lock screen and the home screen. While the default image is beautiful (unless you think the stars resemble scratches), many users will want to replace it with something personal. Here's how. Tap the Settings app and then se...

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Tutorials as you like them with N.E.D. and its family

Nonlinear Educating Inc., has been selling tutorials on a wide variety of subjects for years. Their catalog of 146 video tutorials cover just about everything from all the programs in the Adobe CS4 Suite, to iLife 09 and iWork 09, or virtually anything you could want to learn about Mac software. ...

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Found Footage: Snow Leopard hidden features, great video by a 16 year-old

Matt Fisher is a 16 year old high school junior and Apple enthusiast who has been putting up tutorial videos on all things Macintosh since December of 2008. I just saw one that is so good I wanted to bring it to your attention. Matt has created a video on hidden features in Snow Leopard and althou...

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We [heart] Icons really does [heart] icons

One of the most common ways to customize your tried-and-true desktop is by changing the wallpaper. While easy and effective, the wallpaper switcheroo is not the only trick up the sleeves of the customizers among us. For some, the most rewarding customization results from replacing icons. There are ...

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Pixelmator 1.4.1 brings noise filter, Pixelmator Learning with it

Our friends over at Pixelmator have released a new update, and while it's not quite as big as their point versions, it does add a few new features and a nice online guide to the program. The main new feature in-app is a noise filter that allows users to add random specks and pixels to an image, crea...

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Apple's handy "Find Out How" pages

Here's a useful corner of Apple's enormous website. The "Find Out How" pages feature tutorials on things like Mac and wireless basics as well as web, music and MobileMe tips. We've written about it before, but Apple has recently added tutorials for iLife '09 apps, including iPhoto and an iLife '09 o...

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Apps Amuck gives you free iPhone app tutorials

Since Apple dropped the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) from the iPhone SDK, iPhone developers everywhere have started some awesome projects. From writing a book, to providing examples like Apps Amuck is doing, the development spectrum has exploded. The idea behind of Apps Amuck is to build on the iP...

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Adobe's virtual library open to the public

Users of any of Adobe's products (at least the current ones) will want to check out Adobe TV. With a smorgasbord of tutorials and informational videos on a broad range of topics, it has something for everyone. The content ranges from Photoshop tutorials from Layers Magazine to tips on dynamic media ...

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OS X Help simplifies the Mac segue

My mom and dad just purchased their first Mac. Unfortunately, it turns out I'm not a great teacher because I get overexcited about advanced features and take the basics for granted when I try to explain things. Fortunately for me, my father shares my autodidactic personality (might be where I got it...

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Apple posts iTunes tutorials

It is a safe bet that many people received iPods this holiday season (I know a bunch of TUAW readers did), and a few of those people might be new to the whole iPod/iTunes combo. Apple has recently posted a number of video tutorials that cover iPod and iTunes basics. Now, if you're somewhat familiar ...

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Apple posts iLife '08 tutorials

Sure, it isn't a 30 day demo, but these iLife '08 tutorials give you a very nice overview of what the various apps can and can't do (and how they do and don't do 'em). The short videos are very task oriented, as you would expect with tutorials, and best of all they are free. Check them out, and see ...

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Organizing your Desktop with file wells

Uncluttering your life and Getting Things Done is a perennial favorite among us TUAW folks, and MurphyMac has posted a new video showing a novel way to take charge of your Mac desktop. Creating a custom desktop helps organize your workspace around your workflow. You build a background in your favor...

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