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iOS 8's silent war against jailbreaking

Apple isn't dumb. The company knows users jailbreak their devices, but more importantly than that, they know exactly why. There are those who jailbreak to use apps that simply would never be approved for sale on the App Store -- and that's a group that Apple has little chance of luring back to the...

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These five surprisingly pointless OS X mods may amuse you

I recently went hunting for interesting OS X mods. For every useful item that turned up, I found lots of dead ends. Many items read by the OS X preferences system (through, for example, calls to CFPreferencesCopyAppValue) have little or no application to end-user needs. They're there primarily f...

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Chromebook 101: How to make your new toy more Apple-y

Steve is a deeply bad influence. He started the trend, which prompted me to order my own Chromebook (although I had been waiting to pull the trigger for several weeks). Slowly this US$250 MacBook-wannabe has been infiltrating TUAW households. It's great for kids. It's a unit you don't mind ta...

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How to enable iCal's debug menu

ZDNet (via Macgasm) has posted a couple of neat iCal tweaks that should make your life a bit easier: Enabling the debug menu and showing two weeks worth of appointments at once. The trick involves a couple of Terminal commands. To enter debug mode, use the following: defaults write com.apple.iCal I...

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Three ways to change Lion's Finder window sidebar

It took me a little while, but I finally last weekend updated to Lion, and so far ... I think I like it. I kind of miss my old Spaces feature, and I did turn off reverse scrolling right away, but it does seem to run better than Snow Leopard, and Mission Control is pretty sweet. Another thing I'...

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Cydia Search lets you search for jailbreak apps from your desktop

Searching for the perfect Jailbreak app in Cydia on the iPhone can be a frustratingly slow experience. Cydia Search from Planet-iPhones.com eases your pain by allowing you to browse through the plethora of Cydia apps by category, repository or author, all from the comfort of a desktop browser. ...

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Pixelmator releases version 1.1.2

I nabbed Pixelmator last week as part of the Macheist bundle, and I have to say that it's quickly become my photo editor of choice for blogging-- it's quick, beautiful, simple, and perfect for what I need. Of course, what I need is mostly just resizing and cropping (with the occasional color fills...

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New Leopard Build Introduces New Feature, Tweaks

The latest build of Leopard, (9A303) introduced some small but nifty features to the list of enhancements that will ship with the new OS next year. Lets take a look: QuickLook is a new feature which allows users to view a full size preview of any image by right clicking on it, without having to ...

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Make your PC more Maclike

There have been numerous blog entries about making Windows look more like OS X, and frankly I never saw the point. I'm more of a defaults kinda guy when it comes to look and feel, about the only thing I do when I am using a PC is to set Windows XP to look like 'Classic Windows.'I have no need for a ...

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