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New Apple TV brings tighter Netflix integration

According to our sister site Engadget, one of the few new features of the new Apple TV is better Netflix integration. There is now higher resolution streaming available, 1080p like other platforms are receiving now. If you aren't planning to get a new Apple TV, you might still enjoy the option of ...

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WWDC 2010: Early iPhone 4 upgrades offered by AT&T

To find out when you can upgrade without a penalty you always could dial: *NEW# on your iPhone which will generate a text message telling when you can upgrade. I just did, since I bought my iPhone 3GS the day it was released last June, that and the text message that was sent to me said that I wouldn...

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A little iPad magic

Here's a little iPad magic for your Memorial Day afternoon -- turns out the iPad really is a "magical" device. I'm not sure what app video is being used here, but I think it's a proprietary one, and probably not something you could use yourself (unless you know how to do some of the great slight...

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Apple relents, allows cash for iPads

Good news, everyone! In response to the public outcry over Apple's no-cash-for-iPad policy, Apple has relented. You will now be able to purchase iPads in-store using cash and gift cards. Yes, you'll also have to set up a traceable Apple account at the same time, but the lack of credit or debit card ...

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Craigsphone 2.0 brings maps, images, and more

Next Mobile Web sent us a heads up that they're set to release version 2.0 of Craigsphone, an app for the iPhone that allows you to browse popular online classifieds site Craigslist quickly and easily. We talked about the app when it first came out, but apparently version 2.0 brings a whole rewrite...

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Found Footage: Flight of the Bumblebee in concert on an iPad

Chinese pianist Lang Lang headlined a concert at San Francisco's Davies Symphony Hall on April 19th. For the first of three encores, he played The Flight of the Bumblebee on an iPad. To accomplish this, he used the Magic Piano iPad app. This is just one example of how amazing apps can allow peopl...

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Rumor: Apple's 'iAd' Mobile Advertising Platform to be introduced tomorrow

It seems that a rumor we heard last month is about to be realized: reports indicate that Apple's new 'iAd' Mobile Advertising Platform is set to debut tomorrow. According to All Things Digital, Apple will introduce iAds during tomorrow's iPhone OS 4 preview. Don't let the image above fool you...

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Found Footage: How to connect an iPad to your existing wireless keyboard

Along with Erica Sadun, I had some trouble connecting my shining new iPad to an Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard. Eventually we both got it sorted out, but there are a few things that you do need to know. My problem was that although I could connect easily to an older BT keyboard, I could not pa...

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Ask TUAW: Taming unruly windows, updating OS X, booting from an SD card, and more.

We're back with another edition of Ask TUAW. This time around we've answering questions about how to resize windows too big for the screen, "compulsive" updating, booting from an SD card, Open GL in Snow Leopard, and more. As always, your suggestions and questions are welcome. Questions for next we...

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TUAW at Macworld 2009 -- First Photos

Your intrepid TUAW team (a substantial portion of us, anyway) are on the ground in San Francisco to bring you all the latest Macworld 2009 news, reviews, tips, photos and video we possibly can. To kick us off in the photo department, here's a few pics from our first day here in San Francisco. Hopefu...

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Analysis: Microsoft offers "I'm a PC" retort that falls flat

After canning Seinfeld, Microsoft is now starting stage two (planned all along, they say) of their campaign with a new series of I'm a PC ads by the Crispin, Porter + Bogusky ad agency. As is clear from the John Hodgman look-alike at the start of the ads, they're supposed to be a direct response t...

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Apple offers MobileMe 60-day extension

For the second time in so many months, Apple has offered MobileMe subscribers a free extension of their current subscription. Earlier today, an email was delivered to customers stating that they'd receive a 60-day extension of their MobileMe subscription, in addition to the 30 days offered in July. ...

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Fire at Cupertino campus

A three-alarm blaze drew 60 firefighters to Apple's Cupertino campus on Tuesday night. Specifically, it was in building Valley Green Six at 20705 Valley Green Drive. San Francisco's ABC 7 television news has some video. Investigators suggested that an air conditioning unit could have been the culpri...

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2 weeks later: iPhone apps I actually use

When the App Store went live on the 10th, I went a little nuts and downloaded a bunch of apps. Some I fell in love with. Some I launched once. Others lingered a for a few days while I decided their fate. Now it's nearly two weeks later, and I've identified the keepers. Here I'll list each one as we...

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In and Out in Four Hours: Getting the iPhone 3G on Day One

Today, as you are all aware, is iPhone 3G day. All across the land eager fans are waiting patiently in lines waiting for their chance to drop their hard-earned cash for a shiny new iPhone. Of course, I was one of them. Braving the wee hours and heading to my local Apple Store of choice, Sherman Oaks...

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