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WSJ profiles Letterpress creator Loren Brichter, the 'high priest of app design'

Here at TUAW, we're big fans of Loren Brichter, the app developer behind Tweetie (which eventually became the official Twitter app) and the great word game Letterpress. But the Wall Street Journal appears to have just discovered the dev -- in a profile that appeared over the weekend, the paper ...

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Twitter for Mac update removes hidden features

MacHeist bundle owners may be disappointed to discover that the latest version of Twitter for Mac removes the hidden Super Secret menu, which was covertly added by developers. This backdoor was included as a bonus for disgruntled customers who purchased the MacHeist bundle before Tweetie was acquir...

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Twitter for Mac 2.0: A first look

The first Mac app I downloaded this morning after finishing the update to Mac OS X 10.6.6 was Twitter for Mac 2.0. This is the app formerly named Tweetie, and it's a free download from the Mac App Store. If you have previously used another Twitter client on your Mac, or if you're currently using the...

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Tweetie for Mac has a MacHeist secret

The storied history of MacHeist continues with the release of Twitter for Mac in the app store. As you may remember, MacHeist bundle customers were promised early access and a free copy of Tweetie 2. Then Tweetie 2 never arrived, and Twitter bought Tweetie, and now there's a free version of Twitter...

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Mac App Store pricing of featured apps

Now that the Mac App Store is available, we've taken a look at pricing of some of the top apps (all links will open the Mac App Store). Here's a quick look at some apps we've been anticipating, including a very steep discount. Pixelmator 1.6.4, the image editing app billed as a light weight Ph...

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Facebook for iPhone's new 'pull to refresh' looked a little familiar

While the new "Places" GPS check-in feature got most of the attention in Facebook for iPhone's latest update, a more subtle feature made its way into the app's interface: pull to refresh. Users of the official Twitter for iPhone app, previously known as Tweetie, will recognize this UI feature right ...

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When Seesmic met Evernote

Evernote has announced Seesmic integration over on its blog -- often while reading Twitter on my iPhone, I'll see people tweeting links to videos or long pages that I just don't have the time to check out over my EDGE connection. In the past, I've favorited the tweets, but that's not an ideal solut...

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First Look: Twitter for iPhone

It took a little longer than expected, but Twitter for iPhone (née Tweetie) is now available. Mostly it looks exactly the same as Tweetie 2, with the exception of a new icon (shown here). I was surprised to see that Twitter for iPhone doesn't use OAuth, meaning that we'll be seeing another...

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Twitter for iPhone should be going live tonight

Tweetie for iPhone was acquired by Twitter, and has been updated and released as Twitter for iPhone. The good news is that it is now free (Tweetie was US$2.99). It should be hitting the US App Store later tonight, although some folks are already seeing it. Tweetie 2 was recently removed from the...

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Breaking: Twitter acquires Tweetie, will make it official and free

Twitter founder Evan Williams has posted on the official blog that the company will be buying Tweetie, an iPhone app currently available in the App Store, from creator Loren Brichter. The app will be renamed Twitter for iPhone and released in the App Store for free. Williams says that Twitter users ...

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MacHeist nano bundle adds Tweetie for final day

The ever-popular MacHeist bundle, offering eight Mac apps for $20 total, closes out at midnight Pacific Time tonight. If you've been on the fence so far about whether or not to buy in this year, two bits of news may push you over the brink. First, all the initial applications have been unlocked; ...

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How to use the updated Instapaper Pro with Tweetie 2

Instapaper Pro has been updated to version 2.2. Its creator, Marco Arment, wrote about some of the process behind adding a new feature called "Return to Position." If you enjoy hearing developers sweat the details, it's a great read. There's also a full changelog for those who want more details on ...

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The iPhone app showdown

This was an intriguing experiment undertaken over at Minimal Mac: Patrick decided to play a little Homescreen Survivor with his iPhone app icons -- he cleared everything off his homescreen, and then only let those apps back on which he used more than once throughout the course of a week. The result?...

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Twitter unveils new mobile version

It's probably fair to say that Twitter clients were the first "killer app" category for the iPhone -- Twitterific lead the charge way back when, but Tweetie came quickly after and then the flood gates were opened. But now, a late and unexpected challenger has entered the ring: Twitter themselves. Ma...

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Tweetie 2.1 for iPhone ships with lists, retweet and geolocation support

One of the top Twitter clients for iPhone has been refreshed: Tweetie 2.1 is now available in the App Store [iTunes link]. Our friend Christina previewed the new features in 2.1 for Mashable last week, and the updated version delivers with support for Twitter lists, the Retweet capability, spam repo...

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