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Twitter #Music adds new chart features

When Twitter launched its music discover service Twitter #Music last month, the service had a lot going for it. Spotify and Rdio support for streaming full songs, music discovery based on what was trending at the moment and the #NowPlaying feature that shows what your friends are listening to adde...

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Twitter #Music app helps you find tunes by who you follow

With so much competition already existing in the streaming music world, the Twitter #Music app faces the same problem as every new service -- how do they set themselves apart from the competition? The answer for Twitter is discovery; more specifically helping users discover new musical artists ...

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Twitter #Music to debut later today (Update)

As reported by ABC News, the new Twitter #Music app will officially launch today. It will be available through the Twitter #Music app for iPhone and on the web here. Details are coming in this morning. A post has been published to Twitter's blog with a lot of information. The Twitter #Music a...

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