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Found Footage: iPhone alphabet made from 540 apps

Urikane, an iPhone user with a LOT of time on his hands, has put together a (nearly) full alphabet using 540 apps. Each screen contains one letter -- except for the W, which as our commenters point out, was skipped. It would be especially hard to do on a 4x4 matrix, unless one could find app ...

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First Look: FontShuffle puts FontShop in your pocket

If, like me, you do a lot of your font shopping at FontShop, you're sure to love FontShuffle. FontShuffle is like having a copy of the indispensable FontShop catalog right on your iPhone or iPod touch. I know my dog-eared copy from 2002 needs to be updated and/or retired: FontShuffle is a nifty, fr...

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Razer Pro|Type Desktop ready to go

Razer announced the pending availability of their Pro|Type keyboard back in August. Honestly, we were wondering it was ever going to ship, and how much it would cost. Now we finally know. This week, Razer announced that their battleship-sized keyboard will cost $130US and begin shipping today, Apri...

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iTunes AppleScript to batch edit video metadata

iTunes 7 ushered in some great new video metadata, but editing this information, especially when in batches, can sometimes be a pain. For example: iTunes can differentiate between "movies" and "tv shows," (just check your Sources list on the left) but trying to select 14 episodes of an Aqua Teen Hun...

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Razer introduces feature-packed keyboard with iPod dock

Is that plain-jane Apple Keyboard starting to feel a little lax in the feature department? Do you find yourself wanting for, say, 10 programmable hotkeys and dedicated iTunes control keys? How does a built-in iPod dock sound, with an audio line out port for the ultimate in keyboard luxury and integ...

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QuarkXPpress 7 released, but not as a Universal

QuarkXPress 7 has hit the streets, but it oddly isn't a Universal Binary (Steve Jobs, if you remember, announced at January's Macworld event that Quark had a beta UB version available). A UB update to version 7 is reportedly going to be made available later this summer (I guess Adobe isn't the only ...

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SmileOnMyMac Releases TextExpander 1.3, the Customizable Typing Timesaver Tool

Earlier in May, SmileOnMyMac acquired Textpander, a really handy (and free) text insertion utility. Today, they released their first official version update in which they changed the name to TextExpander, added a few snippet-creation features and are now charging a lump-in-throat inducing price of ...

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Linotype FontExplorer X updated

We've mentioned the most excellent (and free) Linotype FontExplorer X here before, and I figured its most recent update was worth a mention. A host of new features, updates and bug fixes have been issued including: Illustrator CS/CS2 plug-ins, copying to clipboard from the font preview will copy sam...

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