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First Look: Typepad for the iPhone

I've been blogging for way too long, and for a good chunk of that time my personal blog has been hosted on Six Apart's TypePad. I'm a big fan of the service (though some might recall it was a little flakey in the early days, I'm happy to report I can recall no major downtime in the last 2 years) and...

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Blogo 1.1 emerges from Brainjuice

Attention all bloggers! The nerd bunnies at Brainjuice have just released Blogo 1.1, the latest take on their Mac OS X blogging tool. Blogo 1.1 now includes support for Drupal and Twitter in addition to WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, typo, and MovableType. The new Twitter support allows users to post ...

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Yet more great apps coming for the iPhone

Yesterday we posted about the Apple press release announcing that the SDK had been downloaded more than 100,000 times in four days. It's also worth noting, however, that Apple basically confirmed that several well-known developers are officially supporting the iPhone and bringing some exciting appli...

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TypePad talks iPhone app

I've been a happy user of Typepad of nigh on 4.5 years now, and I was quite tickled when Six Apart released their iPhone/iPod touch web app. Now only a few months later, and iPhone/iPod touch Typepaders can now check their blog's stats right on their iPhone by visiting i.typepad.com. I tried it with...

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Six Apart launches iPhone/iPod Touch specific Movable Type 4/Typepad

Big blogging company Six Apart, makers of Movable Type and Typepad, have announced a plugin for Movable Type 4 that makes it possible to blog from your iPhone using a very nice iPhone specific interface (they are also offering up the same interface for Typepad which is where I host my personal blog...

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.Mac's dramatic resurrection

Yesterday, we outlined just a few of the reasons we've become disenchanted with .Mac, focusing on mail, storage space, calendaring and synchronization. Today, we're going to look at what could be .Mac's dramatic resurrection. Like a Phoenix from the ashes, we all know that .Mac will rise again, bett...

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MarsEdit 1.1 is available

Just three weeks after the release of MarsEdit 1.1fc1 (an coincidentally during MWSF), MarsEdit 1.1 has made its way out into the wild. MarsEdit is a weblog editor that works with a number of systems, like Movable Type, Radio UserLand, TypePad, WordPress and more. Changes in 1.1 include: Suppor ...

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