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These are the words iOS won't suggest for you

Everybody loves a fun auto-correct snapshot, and while some of the more popular examples floating around the web do seem a little bit too hilarious to actually be real, you'd be surprised as to what iOS will come up with when it thinks your spelling is in need of a little guidance. As a personal ...

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Origin Stories: TabTyping

I grew up with rudimentary typing tools on older computers, but TabTyping aims to improve your typing on the iPhone's screen. The developer had to get creative when creating the app, so hit up the video for the story behind TabTyping's creation. TabTyping is free and offers in-app purchases f...

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Fleksy is an alternate text input tool for the visually impaired

Fleksy is an interesting take on alternate text input for the iPhone. Designed for those whose eyesight is bad or nonexistent, Fleksy records the taps on the screen and makes a guess based on your patterns. It then says the word, enabling you to quickly construct sentences without even looking at...

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Daily Mac App: Typingstats

Typing- whether it's writing a blog post or responding to an email, almost everyone with a computer has to type. So why not make it fun? One way to liven up your typing experience is to use the small utility Typingstats. Typingstats is an OS X app that sits in your menu bar and keeps track of...

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Guinness world record for iPad typing set by 15-year-old

Nimble-fingered 15-year-old, Eduard Saakashvili, has set the Guinness world record for fastest typing on an iPad. Eduard isn't your average teenager; he's the son of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. Eduard earned the title and record by typing the alphabet on an iPad in just 5.26 seconds,...

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TUAW's Daily App: Texto SMS Favorites

There are a lot of weird texting applications for the iPhone, and some of them are pretty hinky in terms of design or function. But Texto is probably the best looking SMS app I've seen -- it doesn't do any weird non-SMS text messaging or have all kinds of neon graphics running around. All it does i...

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iPad use case: Pro blogger

Over the past few weeks, we've heard many people say, "The iPad is cool, but what would I do with it?" This new series aims to answer that question. We'll examine one user case per post, from couch surfer to mobile professional, and describe just how that person uses his or her iPad. As a profess...

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Macworld 2010: Hands-on with the 4iThumbs keyboard for iPhone

I stopped by the 4iThumbs booth to check out their product that would purportedly increase my (admittedly dismal) typing speed on the iPhone/iPod touch. It consists of a plastic overlay that puts small ridges between the letters of the standard iPhone keyboard, available in both portrait and landsc...

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WWDC Demo: QuicKeys 4

WWDC isn't all about iPhone apps. Long before the iPhone was a twinkle in Steve's eye, WWDC was all about developing for the Macintosh. I had a chance to sit down with the guys behind QuicKeys, a venerable Mac app that will save you a lot of time on repetitive typing tasks. I got a look at the be...

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Swype could make typing easier on the iPhone

Still haven't caught on to typing on that little non-tactile keyboard on the iPhone's screen? This little tech, from the creator of the T9 system (dreaded by some, loved by others) being shown off at TC50, could be just the ticket. Swype is kind of like a gesture-based system, except that it uses th...

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Your iPhone dislikes "Flickr"

Some have said that the iPhone 2.0 software is buggy. We say, "Bugs? What bugs?" Today, reader Alfred has identified one that you can try for yourself. Open up Notes and attempt to type "Flickr." You'll find that you can't. The 2.0 software replaces "Flickr" with "flicke" or "flickt". Here's the we...

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TypingWeb gains Safari compatiblity

The biggest barrier to effectively using your Mac (or your iPhone) isn't processor speed or software compatibility -- it's poor typing speed. Who knew back at the invention of the manual typewriter that the QWERTY keyboard layout (alleged to have been designed to slow down typists and avoid jams) wo...

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A typing tutor for the iPhone

A while back, we reported on a study that (not only had all kinds of holes in it, but) claimed the iPhone's keyboard was two times slower than other phones. But as many commenters said, the keyboard just requires practice. And there's no better way to get it than to jump into a typing tutor. We've s...

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Denver man hacks thumbs for more efficient iPhone use - literally [Updated]

Keyboards on handheld devices and smartphones have often been debated in terms of how much work they actually let you get done. Tiny displays, limited functionality, itty-bitty keyboard buttons and now the iPhone's entirely virtual keyboard whose keys can be hard to hit for some people have given fo...

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iPhone Tip: Don't even bother with the .com button

While typing on the iPhone is an arguably difficult / easy process depending on who you are, I figured out a handy tip for saving at least one button press - as long as you're going to a .com site. Just like a real browser, it appears that the iPhone will allow you to type in most .com URLs without ...

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