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Tag: typography

inStatus is a photo editor that concentrates on text

inStatus (free for a limited time) has all the usual photo-editing bells and whistles like saturation, sharpness, cropping and almost everything you need to fix up or modify a photo. That includes an array of filters and frames. But inStatus specializes in text. The app contains templates for desig...

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32 GB versus 32GB: Almost everyone is writing it wrong

Fair warning, dear reader: this may be the most pedantic post in the history of TUAW. Maybe in history, period. But I can't help it: someone is wrong on the internet. Here's a fun trick. Go to the Apple menu on your Mac and select "About This Mac." A little window will come up listing your processor...

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WWDC Live: Ross Carter and Pagehand, typography-aware word processor

Ross Carter of Cocomot has a pretty cool new word processor, Pagehand, in the works. It reads and writes in PDF format, so you don't have to think twice about sending a document to anyone; they may not be able to edit it -- depending on the software they're running -- but you're pretty much guarante...

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First Look: FontShuffle puts FontShop in your pocket

If, like me, you do a lot of your font shopping at FontShop, you're sure to love FontShuffle. FontShuffle is like having a copy of the indispensable FontShop catalog right on your iPhone or iPod touch. I know my dog-eared copy from 2002 needs to be updated and/or retired: FontShuffle is a nifty, fr...

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Beta Beat: Fontcase

A few months ago, a teaser appeared for a new Mac OS X font management app, Fontcase, developed by Pieter Omvlee and with an UI design by Laurent Baumann. Fontcase is designed to replace Apple's Font Book utility, which is not only a mediocre font management app, but has a less than nuanced int...

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Firefox 3 vs. Safari 3: typography showdown

Ralf Herrmann recently took a look at the new typography features found in Firefox 3, pitting them against what's been available in Safari 3 for a while. The results show some major advances, and some major problems. The current OpenType or Apple Advanced Typography features in Firefox 3 include pro...

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QuarkXPress 8: Sleek Interface, Better Typography

Quark Inc. announced QuarkXPress 8 at the Drupa printing exhibition in Düsseldorf today, the latest version of the high-end design tool for Mac and Windows. Many of the changes to QuarkXPress are in the areas of user interface and workflow, which were criticized by many users after the long-del...

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QuarkXPpress 7 released, but not as a Universal

QuarkXPress 7 has hit the streets, but it oddly isn't a Universal Binary (Steve Jobs, if you remember, announced at January's Macworld event that Quark had a beta UB version available). A UB update to version 7 is reportedly going to be made available later this summer (I guess Adobe isn't the only ...

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