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iPhone 4 unlock now available

Here's good news for iPhone 4 users who've been waiting for a carrier unlock. The iPhone Dev Team has released an update to Ultrasn0w, its iPhone unlocking client, that's compatible with the iPhone 4. When run on an jailbroken iPhone 4, Ultrasn0w will allow you to use a carrier other than AT&...

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iPhone 4 unlocked, says Dev Team member

It took some doing, but the iPhone 4 has been unlocked. Unfortunately, you can't get your hands on what you'll need to do it yourself just yet. A member of the iPhone Dev Team who goes by PlanetBeing has posted a picture of an iPhone 4 on Canada's Bell network. The feat was made more difficult wi...

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Ultrasn0w for 3G, OS 3.0 is out -- 3GS not yet

If you know what Ultrasn0w is, then you maybe just did a little happy dance. If you don't: it unlocks your iPhone to work on other carriers. If you don't care for AT&T, for example, you can use Ultrasn0w on T-Mobile. One tip: you'll have to disable 3G for T-Mobilers in the US of A. Lucky us, eh?...

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