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YouTube Find: Andy Ihnatko humorously unboxes the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Chicago Sun-Times technology journalist Andy Ihnatko unboxes both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as part of his YouTube series The Very Least I Could Do. Ihnatko spends 20 minutes covering the features of the two phones and how they compare to their Android counterparts in an humorous way that'll keep yo...

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Unboxing a 25-year-old Macintosh IIcx

Greetings retro Mac fans. Do your kids take their iPads for granted? Do they not understand the mind-boggling glory of their now primitive iPod touch? Well gather up the little ones for an hour long, yes hour long, piece of Apple history. To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh, the f...

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iPad Air: Unboxing, first impressions and benchmarks

Today's the first day of availability for the new iPad Air, and after totally forgetting to order it online at 1 AM MT, I got onto the online Apple Store at around 7:30 AM to order one. After confirming that the model I wanted -- 32 GB, silver, AT&T -- was in stock at the Aspen Grove Apple Sto...

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TUAW TV Live: Post-vacation blues episode

I've just come back from an amazing trip (how many of you have ever been 635 miles from the North Pole or driven a dog sled?), which means that it's time to get back to work while trying to unpack and recover from jet lag. Since it's Wednesday, that means it's TUAW TV Live day. Today Doc and I wi...

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TUAW TV Live: Apps, unboxing, and the usual cast of characters

Welcome back to TUAW TV Live! Today's show is going to give you a look at some new products; we'll delve into some of my favorite new apps; and we'll also engage in the endless conversation in the chat room. No guests are visiting this week so I can see if Skype is causing some of the streaming...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Flying solo

After a bunch of TUAW TV Live episodes featuring various buddies Skyped into my machine, I've decided to do a solo gig this week. I'm not sure if Skype is what has been causing some of the issues that have occurred recently, but this might be a good way to do a little bit of troubleshooting whi...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Unboxing Day

In a number of the Commonwealth nations, Boxing Day (celebrated on December 26) is celebrated both in the historical sense as a day when gifts are distributed and in the present sense as a big day to watch sporting events and go shopping. Today, December 5, 2012, is going to be celebrated at Un...

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TUAW TV Live: Talking minis, opening boxes

Welcome back for another fun episode of TUAW TV Live! Today I've got a lot of hot topics: the new Macs -- mini, 13" Retina MacBook Pro, and iMac; the new iPads and the handful of accessories that were announced by Tim Cook and Phil Schiller yesterday. In addition, I have been inundated over t...

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Vodaphone Germany iPhone 5 unboxing video

While you wait for your iPhone 5 to arrive, watch this unboxing video posted by an excited user in Germany. The user is reportedly a Vodafone carrier rep. In the video below, you can see him open the box, inspect the various contents and power the iPhone 5 on. Pretty exciting, no? He certainl...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM ET: Toys, Olympic apps, and speculation

As we get into the dog days of summer, there's finally talk of an Apple event in mid-September. Well, that's about five or six weeks away, but it's enough to give me and my guest -- Doc Rock -- fodder for discussion this afternoon on TUAW TV Live. We'll also have the regular parade of new iPh...

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TUAW TV Live at 5 PM EDT: The flood continues

One sure sign of a healthy Apple ecosystem is the flood of new products that just won't stop! While I usually have a few new items to unbox and demonstrate (and occasionally badmouth) on TUAW TV Live, today my virtual cup runneth over. I'll have some incredible new products to unveil this after...

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Apple's beautiful packaging

Anthony Kay takes unboxing to a whole new level. There's no video, no jazzy music, and no wild photos. He has a simple unboxing method that examines Apple's stellar product packaging. Kay points out that packaging is often overlooked by most companies, yet the box "really is part of the overa...

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iPad Unboxing 3: The video

Around TUAW, it's a bit of a tradition for me to do an unboxing video whenever I get a new device -- like this one for the original iPad or this one for the iPhone 3GS back in 2009. Not being one to break tradition, I grabbed my new third-generation iPad today and did a short unboxing video for...

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Engadget goes hands-on with the new MacBook Pro

If you thought today couldn't get any more hands-on, you were wrong. The folks over at our sister blog, Engadget, just received a review unit of the new 15-inch MacBook Pro with Thunderbolt technology and posted lots of delicious photos for us nerds to enjoy. (Note that unlike many other Apple-br...

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Early access to Verizon iPhone: One guy got his already

9 to 5 Mac has linked to video of someone who managed to finagle his package out of the local UPS distribution center and get a hold of his Verizon iPhone on Saturday. This guy's camera operator flipped between portrait and landscape orientation, so if you want to get a really good look at all of it...

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