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Uncle Walt delivers his verdict on iPad

Here we go, cats and kiddies. Walt Mossberg's had his iPad for a week now, and he's got to tell us all about it. Quotes below are transcribed from his video review. "The question in my mind is just how important will this be... On one level I think this has the potential to challenge the laptop, ...

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More iPhone 3G buzz from Uncle Walt

You have to smile a bit at the role Walt Mossberg plays in the geekosphere -- he's like the chairman of the Federal Reserve, what with the excitement that his offhand comments can generate. In this case, towards the end of a rather interesting rant about the obstacles to video delivery ("8 minutes...

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Uncle Walt still likes iPods, and iTunes too

Walt Mossberg, the king of tech journalists, offers up his review of Apple's latest iterations of the iPod and iTunes. Walt was impressed with the evolution of the iPod, along with the cut in price, and the redesign of the Shuffle, however, he thinks that the real action is happening in iTunes 7. I...

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Uncle Walt says Apple is working on an iPhone

Walt Mossberg, Uncle Walt to me, is the top tech journalist without a doubt. When he says something in his Wall Street Journal column people pay attention. Contrast that with the fact that when I say something on TUAW I am often mocked until I cry. Now, Walt's most recent column is all about how App...

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