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Use Pingie to get Macworld alerts from TUAW on your mobile

Next week is going to be a busy one for the Mac blogosphere and TUAW is no exception. Sure, you can watch our Twitter feed for goings-on (we'll be reporting our location regularly), or subscribe to our Macworld 2008 tag feed, but what about keeping tabs while you jog? Enter Pingie. As Nik explains o...

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Found Footage: Watch the entire iPod introduction

Since today is the iPod's 5th birthday I recommended that you watch the video of its introduction. The YouTube version floating around only shows the iPod intro, but if you want to watch the whole presentation Dan at UNEASYsilence has you covered (and the quality is better too). Grab a beverage, ki...

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Colorize your Menu bar

I'm not a huge fan of color in the menu bar, but that probably stems from the fact that I'm not a huge fan of color in the rest of my operating environment (and why I use the graphite visual style). However, it seems that there are a good many people want their OS to look like it was made by Fischer...

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Run Classic on an Intel Mac

We have covered SheepShaver before here on TUAW, the PowerPC emulator that makes running Classic a possibility on Intel Macs so, but we just pointed out that it exists. The good folks at UNEASYsilence have gone through the trouble of putting together a tutorial on how to get Classic up and running o...

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