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TUAW's Daily Mac App: TrashMe

Deleting unused programs to make some space for Lion? You need an app like recently updated TrashMe. It's an app uninstaller with both drag-and-drop to uninstall and application listings that will handle any program you have installed, widgets, Preference panes and even plugins, moving them to ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: AppTrap

With the imminent release of Lion, perhaps it's time to clear out all those apps you don't need anymore. AppTrap is an app up to the task, which integrates nicely into the OS X way of uninstalling apps. We all know that the Mac way of uninstalling apps is just to delete them. The size of the ...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: AppCleaner

Last week on the Daily Mac App we featured the infamous uninstaller AppZapper. Today we've got a fully-featured free alternative, AppCleaner. Available from FreeMacSoft, the freeware (donations accepted) AppCleaner does what it says on the tin. Just like AppZapper, you can drag-and-drop the o...

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TUAW's Daily Mac App: AppZapper

Uninstalling apps on a Mac is easy -- just delete the program from your Applications folder. But what about all the garbage of ancillary files that gets left behind? Zap 'em with AppZapper. AppZapper is an uninstaller that does everything for you and makes sure nothing is left behind. It'll f...

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Mac OS X Lion to feature iOS-like 'jiggling' app unistaller

New features of Mac OS X Lion are slowly leaking out after the last Lion Developer Preview was released. The latest find, noticed by AppleiGuide.co.uk, is a built-in uninstaller function, reminiscent of the way you remove apps in iOS. The Lion app uninstaller works through Launchpad, Mac OS X...

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Apple post server-related updates for Xsan and Mail Services

Apple yesterday posted a few new server-related updates for Xsan and Mac OS X Server. The first, Xsan 2.2.1, improves file system reliability and cvfsck repair utility. This update is available for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. There's also an updated version of the Xsan u...

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Friday Favorite: AppZapper

Every so often I'll go through my Mac's hard drive and delete stuff that's just sitting around. The downloads folder fills with junk especially fast. I also download lots of software out of curiosity, and after a few months my applications folder is bulging. While installing Mac software is often as...

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Mac 101: uninstalling applications

This time around in Mac 101 I thought it would be good to talk about uninstalling applications on the Mac, especially for the recent switchers out there. Unlike Windows, Mac OS X does not have a native utility for uninstalling applications. Most (though not all) applications are installed just by dr...

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Spring Cleaning now Universal

Spring Cleaning, the system optimization, cleaning, and uninstaller utility from Smith Micro is now a Universal Binary. Completely rewritten from the ground up, version 9 introduces a wealth of new features and tools, such as a Task Scheduler, Permissions Fixer, a Housekeeping Scripts Runner, Spotli...

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