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The Instacube displays your Instagram pictures with class

Usually, I'm a little leery of not-yet-funded Kickstarter projects like this, but what the heck, it's Friday, and the Instacube seems pretty awesome. It's just a few thousand dollars away from being funded anyway, so the odds are pretty good that if you order one, you'll get it without a proble...

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Friday Favorites: Unit Converter

Welcome to Friday Favorites! Every Friday, one of us will get all sloppy over an app, web service, or Mac feature that we feel is indispensable. To me, Dashboard feels like the forgotten relative of OS X, the one that sits quietly in the back of the room during the family reunion that has sur...

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Case-Mate's Hug allows induction charging on the iPhone

There are a few features that I'd love to see added to the iPhone's hardware (an IR transmitter would be nice, for one thing), but first and foremost among those is probably an induction charger. It's a little lame to have a device that so easily goes wireless, and then have to come back and plug...

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Apple files patent for collapsible ports

Apple Insider is reporting that Apple has filed a patent for collapsible ports, supposedly for use inside a coming ultraportable computer. I didn't quite get the idea at first (because supposedly the ports collapse in order to give the innards more room to spread out), but apparently the ports act...

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