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Splash that iTunes visualizer across multiple monitors

iPodHacks has a very easy way to display your iTunes visualizer across multiple monitors using Mac OS X's built-in accessibility zoom feature. The instructions show you how to enable Zoom in the Universal Access system preference pane. When the visualizer is playing, you can zoom in on the iTunes ...

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Apple updates Braille support in Leopard

Today, Apple released the Braille Display Update 1.0 for VoiceOver in Leopard. VoiceOver, part of the Universal Access family of accessibility tech, allows blind or visually impaired users to hear what's on the screen. Via the new update, when you connect a compatible Braille display, "VoiceOver aut...

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Does the iPhone shaft the blind?

I spent a good hour or so this morning without my glasses. The little plastic nosie-thing fell off and I had to wait while a new plastic nosie-thing got installed. During that time, I was pretty much blind as a bat--assuming that bats are legally blind, extremely myopic, astigmatic, and can only se...

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