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Tag: universal binary

Retrospect client goes Universal in public beta

When picking code names for new software versions, generally you want to stay away from anything that implies mythological or "often mentioned, never seen" status -- users may get the wrong idea. That said, given the long wait that loyal Retrospect users have had for new developments on the Mac side...

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Beta Beat: Mac Mozy Online Backup opens public beta

Mozy is a secure online backup service from Berkeley Data Systems. Today, Mozy introduced a public beta for Mac users, offering a Universal binary that runs on both Power PC and Intel systems. Mac Mozy provides both full- and incremental-backups and allows you to schedule those backups for specific...

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Microsoft Office 2008 screenshots

I managed to swing by the Microsoft Office booth just in time for a demo of Office 2008, and I snapped a few screenshots. The presentation was made with Word since, as the demo folk pointed out, it is the app they have completed the most code on. As Scott mentioned, the words "page layout" were us...

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Uni version of Mactracker released

Everyone has their indispensable, go-to utilities for the Mac, but for my money (that is, no money at all) you can't find a better reference tool for vintage Mac support than Ian Page's obsessively complete Mactracker. As noted previously on TUAW, it's great for figuring out RAM requirements and OS ...

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QTAmateur does full-screen playback, batch exporting, more

QTAmateur brings a lot of the handy QuickTime Pro features to the table without having to pay the $30 upgrade. Full screen video playback (with a more streamlined, iTunes 7-like video window) and batch exporting of any format QuickTime can read and write make for a handy little app. QTAmateur is fre...

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Quickbooks 2007 v9.0, now with native Intel support

Well Adobe may not care enough to release Universal Binary updates, but Intuit seems to care, at least a little. Today they released Quickbook 2007 v9.0. Quickbooks, as you probably already know is a popular accounting app aimed at small businesses. Things of note in this upgrade include: Track ...

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Intel build of ecto 2.4.1 now available

Fellow ecto users running on Intel Macs - rejoice! While Adriaan has been teasing us with snippets of ecto3 details, he recently posted on his blog that it's taking a bit longer than expected to develop, largely in part because it's a complete re-write from the ground up. With that said, he has anno...

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Keyword Assistant for iPhoto goes Universal

Keyword Assistant is a stellar iPhoto plugin that dramatically simplifies the chore of adding keywords to images. In fact, one could go so far as to say Keyword Assistant brings tagging to iPhoto, but we'll let you judge for yourself. As you can see, it adds a menu item to iPhoto, as well as a simp...

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Hazel - automated file management

Hazel is one of those rare pieces of software (with a strange name) that feels like it's filling a gaping feature void I didn't even know Apple left in Mac OS X: it's a powerful, rule-based file and folder management app that brings a little bit of Automator, AppleScript and Folder Actions to the t...

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Universal Binary of Flash Player 9 released

Adobe has cranked out a Universal Binary of Flash Player 9 for Intel Mac consumption. Strangely, a PowerPC-only build is still available on the download page, though Insanely Mac is reporting that it's an earlier build. If you're interested in what's actually new in this latest version, check out Ad...

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TUAW Tip: How to tell if an application is a Universal Binary

You want to figure out if an application is Universal, but you're not sure how to do it? There is a very simple easy way to find out. Simply select the icon of the application you're curious about and either right click and select 'Get Info' or hit Command + i. Either one will get you to the info wi...

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UB Replacements for Non-Intel Mac Apps

In this post about Roxio Toast, TUAW asked which applications you were still waiting for to be ported to universal binary. I thought I'd compile a list of universal binary applications that can fill the roles of those that people are still waiting for: For Screen Capture Display Eater is still a wor...

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Toast Titanium 7.1

Roxio released an update to their flagship CD and DVD-burning software for Macintosh this morning. Version 7.1 is now a universal binary and provides fixes with issues related to Quicktime 7.1, AppleScript, the Toast Setup Assistant, and encoding Apple Lossless files. There aren't too many more appl...

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Adobe Releases Flash Player 9 beta for Intel Macs

When Adobe released only the PPC version of Flash Player 9 the other day, some people criticized Adobe for not simultaneously releasing an Intel-enabled version as well. Richard Brownell points us today to a post by Emmy Huang, the product manager for Adobe Flash Player telling us that the public be...

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Weird software: Lonesome Electric Chicken

I wish I had a more insightful or enlightening explanation for what the Lonesome Electric Chicken is, but I'm afraid there really isn't one. As its author, John Schilling, states on his site, it's a: "time and life wasting application that spews forth a gathering of quotations. That's it. Don't loo...

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